“How Do I Live a Free and Inspired Life?” with Rappoport and Farrell

“I realize that the odds against a free life must seem pretty formidable right now. And yet there are already individuals who live their lives as they choose.
~Harry Browne

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Jon Rappoport, Dr. Joseph Farrell and I shared the stage in San Mateo in July. Questions we heard throughout the weekend included, “How do I breakaway?” “How can I be happy given the way the world is going.” How do I help my children adapt and thrive?”  Jon addressed some of these questions in his presentation. However, the audience wanted more – lots more. They wanted to drill down into the details.

For the last two months Jon, Joseph and I have been discussing the tactics and strategies that people have used – both now and through the centuries – to overcome the spiritual, cultural, legal, financial and physical obstacles to personal freedom. We thought we would share some of these insights this week on the Solari Report.

In Money & Markets this week I will discuss the latest in financial and geopolitical news. Make sure to send your questions for Ask Catherine.

In Let’s Go to the Movies, I will review “Long Way Round”. When a colleague suggested I watch 5 1/2 hours of Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman riding motorcycles from London to New York via Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Siberia, Russia and Canada, I thought he was mad.  Yes, I loved having motorcycles when I lived in Hong Kong. Yes, I rode a bicycle alone across the United States. These are things that are fun to do, not watch a video of someone else doing. I was sure I would never get through the first episode. Wrong I was – tagging along by film on this extraordinary adventure, infused me with new energy for living a free and inspired life.


Talk to you Thursday!


  1. Hello Catherine,

    This topic really hits home describing the the most difficult aspect that comes from, the beginning to understand. Everything you hear and see takes on new meaning, a dark reality that only you seem to see.

    For me, this is truly a helpful conversation. The feeling of isolation is difficult to manage.

    Thank you for such wonderfully thought out content on Solari. The word hero comes to mind.

    Always, all the best to you.

    Kindly, Ron

  2. This report brought to mind something I read a while ago. In English, we use the term ‘psychological warfare’, but other countries have much better terminology. In German (Germany–the birthplace of psychiatry and other things), the equivalent word is weltanschauungskrieg, which directly translates into ‘world view warfare’, which I think is such a better description of what is actually going on. Your thoughts?


    • World view warfare. Oh, yes, that is very good. Who creates your model for you – you and the divine with an eye to reality or Mr. Global with a view to harvesting you.

  3. How do i imagine a different system other than anarchy? Any system of governance we have attempted seems to already have been perfected by the Jesuits.

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