Book Review: Ignotas Nulla Curatio Morbid – Political Ponerology by Andrzej M. Lobaczewski

Ignotas nulla curatio morbiddo not attempt to cure what you do not understand – is the opening theme in this study of evil. Political Ponerology is “a science on the nature of evil adjusted for political purposes.” The author, Andrzej Lobaczewski, describes himself as a Polish psychologist who — with many other colleagues — found meaning living through Nazism and then Communism by studying how evil happens and triumphs in a wider political and economic system.

Lobaczewski’s hypothesis is that a small percentage of humans are born psychopaths. He describes the research to back up that data that was destroyed and suppressed. Another minority percentage are of a nature to go along with psychopaths while the vast majority of people are essentially healthy. The majority who are healthy have a difficult time understanding that some people are not — they cannot fathom being a psychopath or acting like one.

Political Ponerology was sent to me by a subscriber intent on understanding why our governance structure is so embedded with organized crime – a phenomenon I sometimes refer to as “the Tapeworm.” I found it chock full of deeply useful insights that can inform organizing to shift our situation. For example, Lobaczewski discovered that dealing with psychopathic systems made healthy people neurotic. However, they could heal very quickly when he gave them a scientific framework for understanding what had happened and why. With a sound framework, they could start to differentiate who was healthy and who was not and to devise strategies to deal effectively with psychopaths in power. Rather than having their relations with all humans destroyed, they were able to discriminate between healthy and unhealthy and increase their immunity to the drain of unhealthy culture and systems.

I strongly recommend this book for anyone who is managing human or financial risk in this environment or is looking to create healthy change. Traditionally, the Tapeworm’s greatest advantage is that healthy people cannot fathom what they are up against and so, keep inviting the Tapeworm back into their intimate spaces. This book helps you understand why that will not work. It helps you understand why conspiracies of the healthy and ‘coming clean’ are essential.

Political Ponerology is a book to read slowly. Lobaczewski uses a lot of academic and long words. The insights are deep and rich — they require focus and concentration. And the point comes home again and again: Ignotas nulla curatio morbid — do not attempt to cure what you do not understand.

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  1. Finally an answer to our un-answered problems.
    we all thought they were pysopaths in sheeps clothing? But the answers are here in black and white for any intellegent person to understand.

  2. I’d recently read this book. You’re right about reading it slowly, but boy is it worth it. This book is a map for our increasingly crazy world. Reading this, I began to realize that Bush and company are not acting randomly and are not making mistakes, as much as it might seem that way to the observer. There is method to their madness…and what they are getting to is definitely NOT in our best interest!

    Thank you for spreading the word on this book. Highly recommended reading.

  3. Hi Catherine,

    And thanks a lot for this priceless article.

    Political Ponerology provides the missing piece of the puzzle to understant why manhood despite centuries of progress is still experiencing wars, genocides, tortures,…

    We, human beings, have spent so much time trying to find the origin of evil : communists, free masons, muslins, jews, capitalists, …

    The real source is behind those social, economical, national, political categories.

    The real source of evil lies in psychopathy and behind their mask of sanity, psychopaths can discreetly pull any string.

    Indeed : “Ignotas nulla curatio morbid”

    Thanks again for your article.


  4. For years I have wondered how it is that there is so much evil in politics, big business, and generally any sphere of life that impacts humanity. This book has provided me with the answers! At last, studying this book which is admittedly quite long but well worth the time, it becomes clear that the psychopaths are the ones leading all these organizations and hence there is an endless stream of manufactured wars for profit, and continual suffering for all but the few.
    Thank you for writing about this most important book.

  5. Hi,

    thanks for recommending this book. Yeah, it IS a bit hard to read, but I think the information contained within is invaluable to understand just what we we are up against!

  6. Without question, this is the most important book
    written in decades.
    Thank you for helping to expose this book to a confused public who will remain the victims of
    the “pathocracy” as long as it is allowed to
    remain hidden from mainstream comprehension as to WHAT the problem is.

    Indeed, we can not cure what we do not understand.

  7. Catherine,
    I gleaned a lot of value from this in light of our continuing discussion about alternatives and creating financial permaculture. I am sure you are familiar with the Enneagram?
    My (youthfully optimistic) understanding of these Psychopaths is that they are born with a bio/psycho/social preponderance to leadership that was twisted into a controlling schizophrenia at an early age due to various environmental stimuli (e.g. parental behavior, social conditions etc…)
    At a certain point people become solidified in their behavioral patterns and are beyond the scope of healing (at least in the practice sense) and we must find a way to insulate ourselves from them while we build the strength to heal them.
    This is one of the most important questions of our time…and I honor your commitment to asking the hard questions and dedication to finding the answers.

  8. Thanks very much for this review of this important work.

    For those interested, Dr. Robert Hare ( has advanced this research into pschopathy and has found evidence, through the MRI process, to support that psychopaths have different brains than non-psychopaths. It is my understanding that Hare maybe trying to develop a hypothesis that there is indeed a cure for this phenomena.

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