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Inside Job (film)

Note From Catherine:

I saw Charles Ferguson’s Inside Job this weekend. It is quite good. There are some great interviews to help you see that in fact the system was engineered as a fraud from the beginning. Indeed the housing bubble succeeded as did the bailouts – at what they were intended to do.

There are a few bloopers. The narration states that the housing bubble started in 2001, which is not accurate and quite misleading. The engineering began in 1995 and the federal mortgage credit started to roll out with a vengeance in 1997 after the 1996 elections. The history of the mortgage fraud is old and deep. To Ferguson’s credit, he connects our current problems back to the last housing bubble in the 1980’s.

Do see Inside Job. You will get some of the key jigsaw puzzle pieces to help you see the picture behind the mortgage fraud puzzle.

I will review Inside Job in greater deal in Let’s Go to the Movies on our next Solari Report on November 4th, after my interview with John Laughland on the future of the European Union and the Euro.