Inside the Propaganda Matrix with Jon Rappoport

By Catherine Austin Fitts

You will really enjoy Jon’s newest special for the Solari Report!

In our interview in February, “The Matrix Revealed,” Jon described his decades of research that make it possible for him to unpack for you the different cartels that make up the Matrix, including intimate interviews with insiders who have operated at the highest echelons responsible to manage and manipulate all of us. Last month, Jon delved deeper, focusing on health care with “Inside the Medical Matrix.” This month, Jon takes you inside the minds of those who believe they can invent our world against our best wishes and interests with “Inside the Propaganda Matrix.”

One of the first things I do when I find myself in a US airport – and have to sit near the blaring TV’s – is I pop in my earbuds and just start listening to Jon Rappoport’s latest. And as I hear the first insight, the kind of stuff that leaves the manipulators wimping on the floor, I start to laugh and laugh. Invariably, the surrounding travelers let go of their frozen look for a moment and turn and look at me with a question in their eyes, “What’s she so happy about….”

You see, you can know the truth, and the truth indeed can make you free. And that’s something to laugh about!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Solari Report is pleased to bring you “Inside the Propaganda Matrix” from Jon Rappoport.


The audio and transcript will be posted at this blog post for subscribers this Thursday.

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  1. As a nurse who has worked in psychiatry for 32 years, with clients with severe mental illness I am sickened by this report, presented in a most smug and arrogant manner. Psychiatry is of course a mixed bag and needs more scientific research. I would encourage anyone listening to this to go to and read Healing the Hardware of the Soul, and look at some of the scientific evidence and the good work that the Amen clinics are doing. I am not upset about J.R.’s attitude toward those of us that work in psychiatry because psychiatry has always been a good place to learn the lesson of don’t take it personally. I am concerned about those that have a severe mental illness. I hear no compassion in word or tone of this man’s voice, only attitude and ego speak here. Mentally ill patients that commit crimes do so because they have stopped taking their medication not because they are taking it. I always tell my clients it’s something you have to manage and move on. It isn’t who you are.

  2. I think people can behave in ways that are problematic for themselves and others, and that their behavior can be effectively dealt with in ways that do not involve psychiatric drugs. In the case of the alleged Aurora shooter, you suggested that this individual may have simply been a patsie for the real perpetrators. I am curious who these perpetatrators might be, and what their motive might be. I’m already leaning toward some sort of black ops mission, whose purpose is to keep people stressed out, and in fear for their lives. The next dot, would inculcate the belief that Big Brother will provide the safety and security they desperately crave. Did I leave anything out? Frankly, the deeper I look into these issues, the more diabolical things become.

    • People behaving in ways that are problematic is a something different than shooting your husband because the voices are telling you your husband is a clone or stalking someone because you believe they are Princess Lea. Just a couple of real life examples here. It’s a brain disorder and there is scientific evidence for this. Psychiatry is the only specialty medicine that doesn’t look at the organ it treats. We have a long way to go in psychiatry. Having a severe mental illness is a horrible thing to have. Can you Imagine what it’s like for someone that has murdered a family member and realizes what they have done, after they have stabilized on their medication? What I hear from JR and here is that “These people” were prescribed psychiatric medication therefore that is why they have this behavior. That’s faulty logic. I’m telling you the number one reason people with a severe mental illness end up incarcerated or back in the hospital is because they have stopped taking their medication. Most people have their first break as young adults. We don’t know why. It tends to run in families. There are ways that some people can do with less medication or maybe no medication but the illness needs to first be diagnosed before it’s treated. I’m not a fan of the drug companies and I would agree that that effective treatments for both psychiatric and medical illness is suppressed; but let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water here.

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