It Ain’t About Sex

So, with rumors circulating of more write offs and major financial institutions in trouble, does Wall Street want Elliot Spitzer out? Could it be he offended both banks and black budget folks with his comments about predatory lending? See our February 14, 2008 post “Mortgage Bubble Names and Faces.”

I’m surprised Spitzer would allow himself to be vulnerable to the old “prostitution across state lines” trick. It is as old as the hills. For a colorful historical example, it was how they got heavyweight champion Jack Johnson.

See: Unforgivable Blackness – The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson

For a great compendium on dirty tricks for taking out officials, see:

Anatomy of a Swat From A Lawyer’s Perspective
At Scoop Independent News

Here’s hoping that Spitzer does not resign.


The $200 Billion Bail-Out for Predator Banks and Spitzer Charges are Intimately Linked
By Greg Palast – (14 Mar 2008)


  1. Thank you, I couldn’t help but think the same thing.

    Now if only to find the smoking gun to concretely tie the assertion to the current situation.


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