Jeffrey M. Smith on Genetic Roulette

“We may find in the long run that tinned food is a deadlier weapon than the machine-gun.”
~ George Orwell

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Good health is essential to a good life…including financial success.

Genetic Roulette, Jeffrey M. Smith’s excellent documentary, is a warning to consumers about the dangers of genetically modified foods. GMO’s are a serious threat to your health: you must understand the importance of this issue in order to protect yourself and those you love.

Genetically modified foods are also a threat to the economy and to freedom. If seeds are subject to patent and to intellectual property rights:

-The food supply will be centralized under corporate control
-Millions of small farmers will lose their livelihoods
-Millions of consumers will become highly dependent on a small group of corporations for life itself

On this week’s Solari Report, I will be speaking with Jeffrey M. Smith and reviewing his documentary, Genetic Roulette–The Gamble of Our Lives. We will discuss the risks posed by GMO’s and how people can take action against this threat now.

Jeffrey is currently in California speaking in support of the California referendum to require labeling of GMO’s. Because of the upcoming November vote in California, this topic could not be more important.

I urge you to get the Genetic Roulette DVD and to be certain that everyone in your family watches it — your friends and neighbors, too. Note: This week, September 15-22, 2012, the Genetic Roulette film is free to watch online.

Genetic Roulette Movie Trailer

The DVD is available for purchase here and will be available for free for one week here.

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I will start with Money & Markets and Ask Catherine.Post your questions on the blog.

*Special Report in Money and Markets. Catherine will be discussing QE3 and what it means to you!*

Talk to you Thursday!

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