Jo Kline Cebuhar on Health Care Proxies

By Catherine Austin Fitts

I know talking about sickness and death may not seem like the most energizing topic for this Thursday night, but this one is really important! What Jo Kline Cebuhar writes and teaches can save our time, money, heartache, and may even save our life or the life of someone we love.

The person who taught me this was my dear friend Georgie LaRue. With lionhearted courage, Georgie lived through years of cancer treatment and three surgeries in 2000, 2004 and 2008.  For each surgery, I served as a caretaker and advocate, sometimes moving into the hospital for days at a time. Before her surgery in 2008, Georgie did some serious planning, appointing me as the successor trustee on her trust and appointing her “niece” Valda as her proxy on her durable health care proxy and providing us with a living will with clear instructions on her personal wishes regarding end of life matters.

Georgie died in December 2010, after three intense months of moving from independent living, to assisted living, to nursing home, to hospital, to hospice. Valda and I were with her the entire time. Thanks to her careful planning and the power and authorities that she had vested in us, Georgie was protected and supported throughout. If she had not been, some terrible things would have happened.

I want you and your family to confidently navigate the health care system because you are educated and prepared.  Jo Kline Cebuhar is someone who can help you do just that. She is an attorney and author of  a beautifully written book that I highly recommend, Last things first, just in case…The practical guide to Living Wills and Durable Powers of Attorney for Health Care.  

Jo and I will talk about living wills and durable health care proxies – what are they, why they are so important and how to use them to serve your best interests. We will cover how to educate yourself about your state laws and options, how to approach the planning process with family and friends and how to choose and educate a proxy.  Finally, we will talk about the big picture – what is happening to the boomer generation and what it means to the health care system and each one of us over the next decade.

We will start with Money & Markets and Ask Catherine. Post your questions in the comments section for this blog post.

In Let’s Go to the Movies, I will review Hot Coffee, a documentary on changes in the civil justice system, with an important message on liability issues related to the health care system.

YouTube (June 1, 2011)

Talk to you Thursday!

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