Joel Salatin on Farming

Joel Salatin at Polyface Farm, Virginia.

“When was the last time you heard a group of parents bragging? Ever hear one say, “Well, you can have your doctors, lawyers, accountants and engineers. My kid is going to grow up and be a farmer.” Ever hear that? Not on your life. The biggest obstacle is emotional – overcoming the cultural prejudice against splinters and blisters. That is why I talk about economics and marketing, along with the mystical, artistic elements of the farm. Yes, it’s a lot of work. But what a great office. What a noble life. What a sacred calling.”

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  1. Thanks for sharing. This guy is great!

    “The main idea we promote is that our animals enjoy a habitat that allows them to fully express their physiological distinctiveness. I like to say we want our pigs to express their pigness and the chickens their chickenness. The industrial food system views plants and animals as inanimate protoplasmic structure to be manipulated, however cleverly the human mind can conceive to manipulate it.

    I would suggest that a society that views its life from that egocentric, disrespectful, manipulative standpoint will view its citizenry the same way . . . and other cultures. How we respect and honor the least of these creates the ethical, moral framework on which we honor and respect the greatest of these. The freedom for you to express your Tomness or Maryness is directly proportional to the value society places on the pig expressing its pigness. “

  2. Considering that the UN’s Agenda 21 has decided that farmland, irrigation, private party, etc are NOT sustainable… why bother worrying about farming right now? Better to worry about how you’re going to stop Agenda 21… which is expected to be ENFORCED.

  3. I’m going to take it in the shorts here for what I’m about to say, but I’m willing to take that risk, so here goes….

    Boy o boy does this guy look and smell like a cutout? He’s staying tight to the dialectical antithesis and remaining in-line with Maurice Strong’s view of the world, where humans will wish they have the same rights as a tree. Guy, in the first comment here, calls it out perfectly, by referring to a quote where Salatin talks about animals’ “physiological distinctiveness.”

    I certainly don’t know enough about this guy, but I’ve listened to Michael Pollan, who featured Joel in his book, and Pollan remains tight to establishment vectors. Now, Salatin writes a book called “Everything I Want to Do is Illegal”…. this is predictive programming if I’ve even seen it.

    Thousands of years of family farming fed this world without mistreating animals or bioengineering food supplies, until large private industry took significant influence. Now that 5 corporations have secured control of food production humans are being made to believe that we are BAD and mistreat our World and the animals that occupy it. Now, we are told that we must now migrate to farming on small localized plots of land where we give our plants and animals psychological freedoms.

    I understand that I’m treading on Solari territory here, but this entire direction is a trap for humanity. Humanity on its own does not mistreat animals. Humanity on its own does not bioengineer food or create food made to kill other humans. Humanity on its own does not grow essential food in foreign countries so that it much be shipped around the world to feed humans. Humanity on its own does not deliberately starve populations. This is all the work of a small pathocracy. The same pathocracy that is trying to make humanity believe that it needs to now give animals psychological freedoms.

    In summary, this is move to equate humanity with animals and plant life. It is designed to make humanity believe that we our not the world’s caretakers, as the God model would have us believe, but that we are on-par with all other elements in this world and that we all deserve equal rights. It is designed to bring humanity down to the cellular level, to reduce us to nothing more than protoplasm, and to disregard humanity’s right to existence, reducing it to the same level as an ant.

    The 2nd comment here, about Agenda 21, is right on point. This is where our efforts should be placed… stopping these draconian steps. Humanity needs to retake control of the planet and its resources, so that we can remain its caretaker, as God has intended.

  4. Bert:

    Did you take a look at the full article. Salatin is a Christian and puts out lots of videos about breeding and slaughtering chickens, rabbits etc.

    My impression from watching his video and attending a workshop at Polyface is that he thinks the folks who want to put man and plants and animals on a par are nuts. My guess is that the thinks the UN is also nuts and just focuses on his farm and customers because it is his way of trying to build a tiny piece of the world that is not nuts.

    That said, anyone can be used for anything, as I often find about how my words and experienced gets promoted/used, so please do feel free to tread anywhere on what you think may be Solari’s turf.


  5. I’m of the opinion that the “pathocracy” evolved out of something – that being a worldview that placed man in a position of hierarchical domination over everything else. We can’t speak of an elite if we don’t understand the ideologies coursing through a culture that would eventually produce such an elite.

    I find this quote interesting, and I know it is going to offend some:

    “. . . religion and religious education were not the only propagational vehicle of patriarchal ideas; other systems of thought and value also delivered the message. One of these was science, which emerged in the seventeenth century mainly in England; its first and greatest propagandist was Francis Bacon.

    There is no question that Bacon in his many writings and experiments sought knowledge for the advancement of human good-he died from a cold that developed after he buried a chicken in the snow to see what would happen to flesh that was frozen. And it is understandable that he and others would at that time believe that human good was dependent upon control over nature. Bacon wrote: “My only eartlhy wish is . . . to stretch the deplorably narrow limits of man’s dominion over the universe to their promised bounds”; “I am come in very truth leading you to Nature with all her children to bind her to your service and make her your slave”; he justified the right of man to dominate nature by invoking the command, given in Genesis, to have dominion, to subdue. The scientist could lead mad to this level of power: “the mechanical inventions of recent years do not merely exert a gentle guidance over Nature’s courses, they have the power to conquer and subdue her, to shake her to her very foundations.” Although Bacon believed that “we cannot command Nature except by obeying her,” that it was essential to understand the workings of nature in order to control them, and that this understanding was an act of obedience, he also saw nature as female and “rebellious.” Bacon set science on a course which has not been questioned ntil this decade: a course of attempting to dominate rather than understand and cooperate with nature, based on a belief that dominance hierarchies exist in nature. This belief has been undermined by study in ecology and of subatomic phenomena.

    Descartes was important, if not alone, in furthering the kind of thinking Bacon had advocated. Descartes posited a split between mind and matter which was extended to fragment mind and body, mind and feeling. This may not seem a new idea, since it was in some sense implicit in the Greek belief in reason as the controller of impulse, and the Catholic belief in human ability to control emotion through faith and submission of will. Yet the context of Enlightenment thought was new. in earlier Western societies, production and consumption were inevitable parts of everyday life. There was a network of obligations linking members of communities. These factors prevented people from seeing others simply as objects, or seeing objects as mere items for use.


    source: “Beyond Power: On Women, Men, and Morals” by: Marilyn French ”

    I think it is a testament to how lost we are when someone who wants to respect the intrinsic value of creation is dismissed as nuts.

  6. Here is an interesting article that surely should get more attention concerning a new land grab for farming and this in of all places Africa! It is really quite interesting and one would love to hear what Mr. Salatin viewpoint on this would be. Furthermore it appears to be an investment opportunity as well Catherine!!!!!??????


    Foreign Investors Snap Up African Farmland

    Governments and investment funds are buying up farmland in Africa and Asia to grow food — a profitable business, with a growing global population and rapidly rising prices. The high-stakes game of real-life Monopoly is leading to a modern colonialism to which many poor countries submit out of necessity.,1518,639224,00.html#ref=nlint

  7. Jerry, there not buying up the land to invest and grow food, they are buying up the land to make sure it is NOT used for food production.

    Watch the movie Soylent Green again, that should provide a good dose of predictive programming.

    Guy, Bacon wasn’t doing those experiments or undertaking his conceptual thinking to perpetrate good for all mankind, he was seeking to develop control mechanisms through science. The double speak is so well perfected that they are able to sell the most devious as saviors. Bacon sought to control nature so they could control the publics reality… and they are doing this quite successfully now. In terms of enlightenment, I suggest looking into Adorno and his Dialectic of Enlightenment, which is using knowledge, advancement and education as mechanisms of control.. that’s the dialectic: more knowledge = more control.

    With respect to Salatin, I can’t prove my case yet, but the evidence that this is all just way too authorized is very strong. He’s right in the sweet spot for the path they want us to take.

    In general, I think it is very important for people to get a sense of how complete the control grids are, and how entire communities of authorized groups and actors are brought to the forefront to sell the public on the latest social engineering plan. The Defense Department’s Joint Vision 2020 document ( published in 2000, will provide some insight into the depth and scope of Information Operations being perpetrated on the American Public. It’s about Total Information Dominance (TID), whereby “nothing done, makes any difference.”

    The world we now live in does not allow any unauthorized or controlled sources to be exposed to the public through their systems of control… PERIOD! Any unauthorized sources are either quickly usurped and brought under control, or surreptitiously & viciously attacked using unaccountable & devious techniques that renders the target mute almost immediately.

    Salatin would not be receiving the exposure he is getting if he is not authorized. Hence, he is either a willing actor or a dupe under a handler’s control. No exceptions!

  8. “Guy, Bacon wasn’t doing those experiments or undertaking his conceptual thinking to perpetrate good for all mankind, he was seeking to develop control mechanisms through science. The double speak is so well perfected that they are able to sell the most devious as saviors. Bacon sought to control nature so they could control the publics reality… and they are doing this quite successfully now. In terms of enlightenment, I suggest looking into Adorno and his Dialectic of Enlightenment, which is using knowledge, advancement and education as mechanisms of control.. that’s the dialectic: more knowledge = more control.”

    * I know Bacon is one of the secret establishments heroes. That being said, I do believe that someone can think they are trying to do something good, but if the assumptions, perspectives and worldviews which guide one’s endeavors are flawed, the result is kind of already mixed in with the batter. Meaning the answers we get are often based on the questions we ask. Nature as the plaything for man to exploit, control and devalue goes back to before Bacon’s time and were pretty embedded in the culture vis-a-vis the religious dogmas that were held.

    I will concur however that Bacon’s position within the secret circles of the British ruling class and his connections to the founding of the pre-cursors to the intelligence agencies which would eventually be the foundation for our own could make Bacon’s motives suspicious.

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