Jon Rappoport on “Covert Engineering of Information”-December 27

“Omission is the greatest form of lie.” ~George Orwell

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Jon Rappoport’s special for the Solari Report this month is a real treat. As soon as Jon recorded “Covert Engineering of Information,” I listened to it in my car on a long drive. The same thing happened whenever I listened to vintage Rappoport. I laughed. I slapped the dashboard. Finally, I laughed so hard that I cried.

Jon tells the story of his campaign for a congressional seat in California earlier in his career. In the process he brings you into a profound feeling for the extent to which information is controlled and manipulated around us and the profound impact that has on the course of events.

As we watch the manipulations pour forth on tax increases, on gun control and billion dollar money laundering settlements, understanding the history and the depth and breadth of our current matrix machinery is invaluable in helping you build your immunity to the efforts to take advantage of you – whether as citizen, voter, depositor, tax payer or consumer.

No one takes an intellectual scalpel to the lies better than this. Once again, Jon Rappoport tells it like it is.

For more information on Jon Rappoport, No More Fake News.

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  1. The fact that none of the voting machine source code was ever allowed to be publicly reviewed tells the tale of the tape. There is no public source code.. Therefore, we must rely on the good graces of the software engineers that wrote it.. This is a faith based operation.. Please note that the MSM has never ever given this any scrutiny.. ever… Prop 37 was doomed to the whims of FedGov.Inc.. Because they own and operate machines,, software engineers and the vote collection infrastructure… The election is the conspiracy…

  2. Jon –

    Thank you for another dose of ‘the Red Pill’. I followed the Prop 37 in California and – Voila! – it’s soundly defeated. What more puzzling, the Prop 37 supporters seemed to quietly just go home. No outrage – no recount – no federal lawsuits that I saw. Just ‘Well, we lost. Oh well!’

    Free elections in America are gone … just gone. ‘Oh well!’ America used to be an amazing country providing amazing opportunities for all.

    Thanks again!

    PS I’m NOT saying ‘Oh well’ … I am saying ‘NO WAY! I AM FIGHTING TO KEEP MY COUNTRY FREE!’

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