Kentucky Now — What's Next?

A member of the Solari network just called me. Several years ago, inspired by our warnings, she moved to a home that is much more self-sufficient. She has a generator, a well, and local food sources.

Her neighbor has a house-guest who is taking refuge from the ice storms in Kentucky: the woman’s home has been without heat, electricity, or water for the past week. The National Guard recently informed her daughter back in Kentucky that it might be another 4-6 weeks before power is restored. Apparently, there are more than a quarter of a million people in this situation.

There is nothing rustic about me. I love technology and modern comforts. That said, I do not want to be dependent on centralized systems and I do not want you to be, either. Centralized systems are simply not dependable. I encourage you, wherever you live and whatever you do, to embrace redundant and local systems.

On this Thursday’s Solari Report, I will be discussing how we can organize to build greater local resiliency with Albert Bates, a leader in  Transition Towns and Financial Permaculture. In “Money & Markets”, I will connect the dots between the global financial coup d’etat and this week’s headlines, including the deterioration in our infrastructure. I’ll also discuss the importance of diversifying our investment of time and money.

In “Let’s Go to the Movies,” we will be talking about Avi Lewis’ and Naomi Klein’s documentary The Take. If you want a birds-eye view of what can happen when a financial system and currency collapse, here it is.

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