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Don Cox on Business News Network ~ Food Inflation
Business News Network (30 Apr 2008)

James Turk: A Four-Month Review
GATA (1 May 2008)

Numbers Racket – Why The Economy is Worse Than We Know
By Kevin Phillips – Harper’s Magazine (1 May 2008)

Jersey Lawmakers Consider Tax on Fast Food
By Christine Sloan – (30 Apr 2008)

Obama’s Subprime Pal – Penny Pritzker
By Abdon M. Pallasch – Chicago Sun Times (28 Apr 2008)

Inflation Fears and Food Shortages
By James Turk – GoldMoney (28 Apr 2008)

Calpers Chief to Step Down in Latest Exit [Must subscribe to see full article.]
By Craig Karmin – Wall Street Journal (29 Apr 2008)

Ex-JP Morgan Muni Derivative Chief Targeted in Probe
By Martin Z. Braun – (28 Apr 2008)

Bailout of Bear Stearns Questioned by Ex-Fed Staffer
By Greg Ip – Wall Street Journal (29 Apr 2008)

Your ‘Stimulus’ Check Will Cost You More Than It’s Worth
By Max Keiser – Huffington Post (27 Apr 2008)

British Bank Bailouts To Be Kept Secret
By Dan Atkinson & Simon Watkins – (27 Apr 2008)

Dollar is Still Falling, Metals Are Still Rising
By James Turk – (28 Apr 2008)

How UBS Came Undone
By Roderick Boyd – (23 Apr 2008)

Euro Dives as Wheels Fly Off Eurozone Economy
By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard – London Telegraph (26 Apr 2008)

Rockefeller Pledges 100 Million Dollars to Harvard
The (25 Apr 2008)

Many States Appear To Be In Recession
By Andrew Welsh-Huggins – Associated Press (25 Apr 2008)

U.S. States ‘Deteriorating’ Amid Slump, Lawmakers Say
By William Selway – (25 Apr 2008)

Criminals Target Energy, Financial Markets, Mukasey Says
By Terry Frieden – CNN.dom (23 Apr 2008)

Wachovia to Pay $144 Million for BIlking "Gullible" Seniors
The (28 Apr 2008)

The Queen of Pork
By Matt Taibbi – Rolling Stone (1 May 2008)

Nobel Winner Stiglitz: US Facing Long Recession
CNBC (25 Apr 2008)

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