Money & Markets ~ Charts 4.02.09

View this week’s chart comparisons of gold against fiat currencies, oil and the Dow for the Money & Markets segment of The Solari Report on Thursday, Apr 2, 2009.

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Gold vs Oil

Gold vs DOW

Baltic Dry Index

Gold vs Continuous Contract EOD

Gold vs US Dollar

Composite Charts

Swiss Franc

Japanese Yen

Russian Ruble

Canadian Dollar

Australian Dollar


British Pound

Click here to view all charts as a pdf file.


  1. The Federal Reserve creates money out of thin air. But what about all the “earnings” and fictitous capital listed on the balance sheets of financial companies that are created due to repeated accounting rule changes… not to mention dozens of facilities created by the FED. Probable an excercise in fultility. But what are peoples thoughts on how much of the cash sitting on finnacial company balance sheets is created out of thin air?

    Regards, doug

  2. So many questions looking at these, but the first one that pops out –
    Can anyone tell me in almost all the USD compared to other currencies Spot Gold prices there is this divergence that started last year in June? What does that tell us?

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