Money & Markets – Week of 10.30.11

‘He Has a Right to Speak,’ Said The Cop to The Banker
Daily KOS (2 Nov 11)

Investors Place Big Bets on Buy Here Pay Here Used-car Dealers
Los Angeles times (1 Nov 11)

Credit Unions Gear Up for Bank Transfer Day
Credit Unions Online (31 Oct 11)

It’s the Inequality, Stupid
Mother Jones (March/April 2011)

Papandreou’s Coup de Main
Chronicles Magazine (3 Nov 11)

Naomi Klein Buys Into The “Iceland Revolution” Mythos
Daily KOS (24 Aug 11)

BofA Said to Split Regulators Over Moving Merrill Contracts
Bloomberg Business (18 Oct 11)

Nope, Just Debt
The Economist (29 Oct 11)

Goldman Sachs Gets 24 Subpoenas From Lehman in Probe of Derivatives Claims
Bloomberg (1 Nov 11)

Say What? In 30-Year Race, Bonds Beat Stocks
Bloomberg (31 Oct 11)

SEC Issues New Private Fund Reporting Rules
Pensions & Investment (26 Oct 11)

Someone is Going to Jail For This: MF Global Caught Stealing Hundreds of Millions From Customers?
ZeroHedge (31 Oct 11)

Euro Bailout – An Animated Explanation
UK Guardian (28 Oct 11)

Diocese Tries to Block Crystal Cathedral Sale to Chapman
Orange County Register (31 Oct 11)

Foreigners Sell Second Largest Amount Of US Bonds Ever In Past Week, Record $93 Billion In US Paper Sold In Past 2 Months”
ZeroHege (28 Oct 11)

Eurozone Debt Deal Welcomed (28 Oct 11)

And Now, For Some Semblance of Sanity, Here Is One Hour of Hugh Hendry
ZeroHedge (27 Oct 11)

Sovereign CDS Worth $0
Business Insider (27 Oct 11)

$6.6 Billion in Lost Iraq Cash Now Accounted For, Inspector Says
The Envoy (27 Oct 11)

California Gov. Brown Proposes Hybrid Pension Plan
Pensions & Investments (27 Oct 11)