Money & Markets – Week of 10.31.10

Bank of Japan Holds Steady, Details Asset Plans
Market Watch (4 Nov 10)

Must Read: The FED Does Not “Print” Money
Pragmatic Capitalism (4 Nov 10)

Fed Fires $600 Billion Stimulus Shot
The Wall Street Journal (4 Nov 10)

Canada Blocks BHP’s Potash Bid And Stuns Investors
Reuters (4 Nov 10)

Fed Will Spend $600B in Latest Bid to Help Economy
Yahoo Finance (3 Nov 10)

FOMC Announcement: $600 Billion, $75 Billion/Month, $110 Billion Including QE Lite, 35% SOMA Limit Removed, $27.5 Billion Weekly POMO, On Run Rate To Monetize Entire Budget Deficit
Zero Hedge (3 Nov 10)

Rival Emerges For Potash as BHP Decision Looms
Reuters (3 Nov 10)

Health Benefits Appear On Rise
The Wall Street Journal (2 Nov 10)

BP Profit Plunges On Another Spill Charge [Full news story; requires subscription]
The Wall Street Journal (2 Nov 10)

Debt Collectors Face a Hazard: Writer’s Cramp
The New York Times (31 Oct 10)

Chinese Public Warned to Expect Further Inflation
The Epoch Times (30 Oct 10)

Treasury Anticipates $700 Billion Gross Borrowing Need By End Of March 2011, To Bust Debt Ceiling In Q1
Zero Hedge (1 Nov 10)

Treasury Confirms That The Definitive Treasury-AIG-Fed Shell Game Will Proceed As Planned
Zero Hedge (1 Nov 10)

Germany Draws Line in the Sand on Eurozone Bailouts, Insists Bondholders Take Pain
Naked Capitalism (1 Nov 10)

Awaiting Fed’s Plans, Markets Are in Limbo
The New York Times (31 Oct 10)

Currency Wars: Debase, Default, Deny!
Gordon T. Long (Oct 2010)

Corporations Destroying The Planet