Money & Markets – Week of 11.26.17

Money & Markets

Senate Passes Sweeping Tax Overhaul
Politico | 02 December 2017
Done Deal…

21 Ways the House and Senate Tax Bills May Affect You and Your Pocketbook
Kiplinger | 02 December 2017
Needs to pay attention…

Has ESG affected stock performance?
| 29 November 2017

Food Stamp (SNAP) Statistics
Statistic Brain | 2016
Chart…participation by year…

With Time Running Out, Congress Scrambles to Avoid a Government Shutdown
USA Today | 02 December 2017
Dec. 8, when…park…museum…passport…

Senate Approves Major Tax Cuts in Victory for Trump
Reuters | 02 December 2017
Debt to finance…

Russia, China, India Unveil New Gold Trading Network
Zero Hedge | 02 December 2017
BRICS group…

Dr. Mark Skidmore – $21 Trillion Missing from US Federal Budget
USA Watchdog | 02 December 2017
PhD in Economics, says, “Yeah, and that is one of the reasons…

China Pumps Billions into Iranian Economy as Western Firms Hold Off
South China Morning Post | 01 December 2017
Belt and Road…

Nobel Prize-Winning Economist Joseph Stiglitz: Trump Tax Plan to Worsen Inequality, Expand Loopholes

YouTube | 30 November 2017
In order to…

Default and Student Loans: What Do Borrowers Know?
Student Loans | 28 November 2017
44 million+ borrowers with…

How Millennials Are Killing the Diamond Industry

YouTube | 26 November 2017

The Best Way to Spur Growth? Help the Poor, Not the Rich
Bloomberg | 30 November 2017
“Feed the horse enough oats, some will pass”…

Senate to Pass Tax Bill Hours After Releasing Final Plan
Politico | 01 December 2017
$1 trillion…

“Big Four” Accountancy Firm PwC Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments
Cointelegraph | 01 December 2017
Blockchain technology since…

British Steel Pension Scheme: Act to Secure the Best Deal Before Deadline
Express | 01 December 2017
Inaction because of…

Judge Bars Starbucks from Closing 77 Failing Teavana Stores
NY Post | 01 December 2017

Russia Plans First-Ever Sale Of Yuan Bonds
Zero Hedge | 30 November 2017
Basis points to borrowing costs…

We Give Up! Government Spending And Deficits Soar Pretty Much Everywhere
Dollar Collapse | 30 November 2017
Morphed into…

Senate Tax Bill Stalls on Deficit-focused ‘Trigger’
Reuters | 30 November 2017
Their prospects in…

Walker Signs Bill Legalizing Hemp Farming in Wisconsin
NBC 15 | 30 November 2017

Fang’s $60 Billion Wipeout Is Most in One Day Since Facebook IPO
Bloomberg | 29 November 2017
Lost money exceeded…

Goldman Warns That Market Valuations Are at Their Highest Since 1900
Bloomberg | 29 November 2017
Likely to be lower across…

State Should Start Investing Pension Funds in a ‘Boring, Responsible’ Manner
Albuquerque Journal | 29 November 2017
Stop giving money hand-over-fist to…

Confirmation hearing: Governor Jerome H. Powell, Before the Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, U.S. Senate, Washington, D.C.
Federal Reserve | 28 November 2017
Our decisions in all these areas matter for…

The Paradox of Persistent Vacancies and High Prices
Strongtowns | 27 Novemeber 2017
Not how you might hope…

Top 10 Reasons Why Stealing From State And Local Public Pensions Is The Perfect Crime
Forbes | 27 November 2017
Attorneys General are reluctant to…

What Do Societe Generale’s Plans to Shutter Hundreds of Branches Mean to US Banks?
247 Wall St | 28 November 2017
Expect that to…

Cry Me an Amazon
Common Sense | 29 November 2017
Offered to take from their current citizenry to…

Bitcoin ‘Ought to Be Outlawed,’ Nobel Prize Winner Stiglitz Says
Bloomberg | 29 November 2017
Only because of its potential for …

The GOP Tax Bill: Fuggedaboutit!
Contra Corner | 28 November 2017
Doesn’t even really…

Senate GOP Closer To Sending Tax Reform Bill To Floor
CBS Denver | 28 November 2017
Senate version Takes Shape…

Global Crypto-currency Crackdown Sparks Search for Safe Havens
Reuters | 28 November 2017
Four of the five largest token sales…

Renminbi v the Dollar
Armstrong Economics | 28 November 2017
Share of the international cash flows…

Illinois Supreme Court Rules Against Pensions
Armstrong Economics | 28 November 2017
Therefore, the benefit cannot…

The Paradox of Persistent Vacancies and High Prices
Strong Towns | 27 November 2017
Is this system a true marketplace?…

Here’s What the World’s Central Banks Really Think About Bitcoin
Bloomberg | 26 November 2017
Range of responses…

Personal Finance: U.S. News & World Report Focus on Credit Card Debt

Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards of 2017: Complete Article

2017 Survey: Nearly Half of People in Credit Card Debt Don’t Know How Much They Pay in Interest

Benefits and Risks of Balance Transfer Credit Cards

How Balance Transfer Credit Cards Work

How to Perform a Balance Transfer

Choosing the Best Balance Transfer Card

Best Balance Transfer Cards of 2017
U.S. News & World Report | 07 November 2017
This article does not address “Who’s your banker?”…

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