Money & Markets – Week of 11.30.14

Why the US is (Temporarily) Outperforming, in Two Charts
Dollar Collapse | 05 December 2014
But next year is where…

Jim Grant: What the Fed calls ‘deflation’ is actually progress
Yahoo | 05 December 2014
It’s important to distinguish between a credit crisis and…

Seven Years Since the Recession Began: How America is Faring
The Economist | 03 December 2014
The labour-force participation rate is.,..

First U.S. Gas Station Drops Below $2 a Gallon
Bloomberg | 03 December 2014
Stations will cut prices by another…

Sears: Nothing Left But its Past
The Robin Report | 05 December 2014
The famous Sears catalog…

Japan Pension Fund Head Calls for $389 Billion Stock Revamp
Bloomberg | 05 December 2014
“I’m surprised how rapidly…”

A Premium for Risk
Economist | 06 December 2014
The bigger concern is…

It’s All Coming To An End, Bill Gross Warns
Zero Hedge | 04 December 2014
A few years ago, I wrote that this uncommonsensical…

WEF Offers Impact Investing Road Map for Wealthy Families
Bloomberg | 04 December 2014
Opportunities for impact investments are…

US Economy on a Roll, According to Survey of Finance Executives
CGMA | 04 December 2014
But there is rising concern about…

House Votes to Renew “Tax Extender” Breaks
Politico | 03 December 2014
The 10-year cost of the one-year bill is…

M&A Pros Expect Very Active Deal Scene in 2015
CFO | 02 December 2014
82% of respondents expect…

Mercuria, Citi in court over China Metals Financing Deals
Reuters | 03 December 2014
Citi agreed to purchase metal from Mercuria before selling it back…

Oil prices are plummeting: Who wins and who loses?
Yahoo | 02 December 2014
America’s fracking revolution adds $300…

Is $40 Oil Possible?
Bloomberg | 01 December 2014
Some U.S. shale producers may breakeven at…

Fed Leak Tipped Traders to Historic Stimulus Move, Prompted Secret Inquiry
Bloomberg | 01 December 2014
The story of the FOMC leak underscores…

The Three Reasons Why Moody’s Just Downgraded Japan from Aa3 to A1
Zero Hedge | 01 December 2014
Should support for Abe tumble, then all bets…

Reuters Discovers the Great Convergence of Global Stock Market Stimulation
The Daily Bell | 01 December 2014
Japan, Europe and China all…

Money is Not Wealth — But it Helps Create Wealth
Forbes | 30 September 2014
“Economic actors” are…

Japan Household Spending Down 4%, CPI Drops to 0.9%; Bankruptcies Soar in Yen Collapse
Global Economic Analysis | 28 November 2014
Japan once again borders on…