Money & Markets – Week of 11.29.09

Matt Weinstein, Playfair Inc.

Depressed Americans Quit The Labor Force
The Business Insider (04 Dec 09)

Israel’s Fischer Says World Must Accept A Weaker US Dollar
Reuters (03 Dec 09)

Warning on US Muni Market Threat
Financial Times (01 Dec 09) [Must subscribe to read full article.]

Worse Than Enron?
The Daily Beast (01 Dec 09)

Legal Minefield Awaits Dubai’s Nakheel Bondholders
London Stock Exchange (20 Nov 09)

Fed Debates New Role: Bubble Fighter
The Wall Street Journal (03 Dec 09)

Top Tips For 2010, Courtesy of Goldman Sachs (02 Dec 09)

Mercedes To Get Up To $100M In Incentives In Ala.
Associated Press (02 Dec 09)

GM CEO Departs In Shakeup By Board
Reuters (02 Dec 09)

FDIC: Poor, Minorities Struggle to Access Banks
Yahoo Finance (02 Dec 09)

Check Your Withholding
Kiplinger (01 Dec 09)

Is The Fed Facing Margin Calls From European Banks?
Zero Hedge (30 Nov 09)

North Korea Revalues Currency, Destroying Personal Savings
The Washington Post (02 Dec 09)

Japan Steps up Quantitative Easing to Fight Deflation (01 Dec 09)

Iceland Pledges to Pass U.K., Dutch Depositor Bill This Month (01 Dec 09)

I Can Break Your Debt Limit Any Time I Like (But Not Today)
Zero Hedge (01 Dec 09)

Angela Merkel Alarmed by Worsening Credit Crisis (30 Nov 09)

The Federal Reserve Becomes the ‘Buyer of Last Resort’
Free Gold Money Report (29 Nov 09)

Miami May Delay $120 Million Bond on Audit, Possible SEC Probe (30 Nov 09)

Corzine Seeks Cuts to Schools, Cities Amid Deficit (30 Nov 09)

China Tightens Rules on Transfers to Stop ‘Hot Money’ (30 Nov 09)

NYSE Invokes Rule 48 In Anticipation Of Extreme Volatility
Zero Hedge (27 Nov 09)

Ports Face Crisis as Volumes Fall
Financial Times (26 Nov 09)