Money & Markets – Week of 12.28.08

IMF Agrees $2.5bn For Belarus (01 Jan 2009)

Japan’s Bonds May Post First Loss Since 2003 as Debt Sales Rise
Bloomberg (02 Jan 2009)

Money Flows Out Of Hedge Funds At Record Rate
Financial Times (31 Dec 2008)

Oil Falls To $37 And Down More Than 60 Percent In 2008
Reuters (31 Dec 2008)

Treasury Has Pledged More Rescue Funds Than Authorized
The Wall Street Journal (31 Dec 2008)

Government Sanctioned Theft
GoldSeek (30 Dec 2008)

Fed Pushes On With Mortgage Bond Plan
Financial Times (30 Dec 2008)

U.S. Corporate Profits Probably Fell for Sixth-Straight Quarter
Bloomberg (30 Dec 2008)

Russia Braced for Unrest
Financial Times (30 Dec 2008)

Oligarchs Go Cap In Hand To The Kremlin As Their Vast Empires Begin To Crumble
Times Online (23 Dec 2008)

Global Economy To Shrink For First Time Since The Second World War (27 Dec 2008)

Goldman Disputes Tax-dodging Charge
Financial Week (23 Dec 2008)

Cash-Strapped States Weigh Selling Roads, Parks
Yahoo News (27 Dec 2008)

Dollar Falls on Concern Middle East Conflict May Cut Oil Supply
Bloomberg (29 Dec 2008)

European Central Bank Rebels Defy the Bundesbank
The Telegraph (16 Dec 2008)

Bankruptcies, Store Closings Loom at U.S. Retailers Amid Holiday Debacle
Bloomberg (29 Dec 2008)

Alternative Currencies Grow in Popularity
Time (Dec 14 2008)

Russia, China Call for Trade in More Currencies
Reuters (28 Oct 2008)

Banks Report $6 Billion in Q3 Trading Revenue
Reuters (29 Dec 2008)

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