Money & Markets – Week of 1.31.10

G-7 Splits Hurt Investors as Ministers Seek Exit Plan (05 Feb 10)

JPMorgan’s Dimon Gets $17 Million Stock Award Bonus (05 Feb 10)

Swiss Central Bank Aggressively Pushes Franc Down
GATA (05 Feb 10)

Toyota President Toyoda Apologizes for Recall Crisis (05 Feb 10)

B. of A. To Pay $150 mln To Settle SEC Charges
Market Watch (04 Feb 10)

Goldman’s Levitt Calls Obama’s Gimmick To Keep GSEs Off The Balance Sheet “Shades Of Enron”
Zero Hedge (04 Feb 10)

Proprietary Trading and Credit Default Swaps – Mission (Not) Accomplished
Jesses Caf’e Americian (04 Feb 10)

Geithner Says He’ll ‘Fight’ to Impose Buyout Firm Tax (04 Feb 10)

Hey Taxpayers! Get Ready To Bail Out The FHA
Clusterstock (04 Feb10)

Banks Told To Comply On Bonuses Or Lose UK Banking Licences In Shock FSA Ultimatum (03 Feb 10)

Facebook Games May Lead Payment Startups to $3.6 Billion Market (04 Feb 10)

Obama’s $6.3 Trillion Scam Is America’s Shame: Jonathan Weil (04 Feb 10)

UPDATE 1-U.S. 5Y Treasury CDS Price Highest Since April-CMA
Reuters (04 Feb 10)

Coin Composition Change Included In Obama’s 2011 Budget (02 Feb 10)

Ratigan Rips Into Obama, Calls Him Out On His “Free Money” Doctrine And TARP Hypocricy
Zero Hedge (03 Feb 10)

Moody’s Sees US Rating Under Pressure After $3.8 Trillion Budget
Zero Hedge (02 Feb 10)

State Budget Nightmares Mount
Kiplinger (01 Feb 10)

Bankers Try To Fight Off Wave Of Controls
Financial Times (31 Jan 10)

Swiss Banks Achilles Heel Is Workers Selling Data (02 Feb 10)

Dubai CDS Jumps On Ongoing Sovereign Worries, Now At 518 bps
Zero Hedge (02 Feb 10)

Who Needs to File a Tax Return?
Kiplinger (02 Feb 10)

Bankers Try To Fight Off Wave Of Controls
Financial Times (31 Jan 10)

Afghan ‘Geological Reserves Worth A Trillion Dollars’
Yahoo News (31 Jan 10)

The Last Days of Lehman Brothers: Behind-the-scenes (26 Aug 09)

Obama’s Budget Has One Small, Missing Piece…. For $6.3 Trillion Dollars
Zero Hedge (01 Feb 10)

Obama Budget Said to Forecast $1.6 Trillion Deficit for 2010 (01 Feb 10)

Obama Seeks 12 Percent Budget Increase For SEC
Yahoo Finance (01 Feb 10)

White House to Paint Grim Fiscal Picture
Reuters (31 Jan 10)

Foreign Central Bank Treasury Holdings At The Fed Decline In January For The First Time In Years
Zero Hedge (31 Jan 10)

The Ultimate Bubble and the Mother of All Carry Trades
Gold (30 Jan 10)

Carbon Currency: A New Beginning for Technocracy?
The August Review (26 Jan 10)

The Frog, The Scorpion And Goldman Sachs
The Daily Caller (18 Jan 10)

The Looming Deleveraging Challenge
McKinsey Quarterly (Jan 2010) [Must register to read full article.]

Watchdog: Bank Bailouts Created More Risk in System
Fox News (31 Jan 10)

Paulson Feared Run on Dollar And Collapse of Goldman Sachs
GATA (31 Jan 10)

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard: Should Germany Bail Out Club Med or Leave Euro Itself?
GATA (31 Jan 10)

Swiss Warn UBS Bank Could Collapse
Breitbart (31 Jan 10)

Has America Become A Third World Country?
Undernews (31 Jan 10)

A Greek [Default/Bailout]: Flowcharting The Dominoes
Zero Hedge (31 Jan 10)

Allstate May Shed 20% Of Its Agents
Chicago Tribune (31 Jan 10)

Banker Gives Son’s Teacher Bad Apple
New York Post (30 Jan 10)

Eric Sprott On How Central Banks Are Setting The Stage For The Next Big Move In Gold
Zero Hedge (30 Jan 10)

In Davos, Regulators Tell Bankers New Rules Coming (30 Jan 10)

Bankers in Favor of Paying Global Fee
Financial Times (30 Jan 10)

Extend and Pretend
Safehaven (29 Jan 10)

Experts See Another Global Dip Ahead
The Wall Street Journal (27 Jan 10)

California Controller: State Will Run Out of Cash Before April (22 Jan 10)