Money & Markets – Week of 3.01.09

Fed Refuses to Release Bank Data, Insists on Secrecy (06 March 09)

Frank Seeking Prosecutions for Financial Wrongdoing (06 March 09)

Blows to Barrick
The Dominion (05 March 09)

Sharply Falling Employment at Medium and Small Firms

Maurice Greenberg Sues AIG, Saying Its Shares Were ‘Inflated’ (02 March 09)

Firms Pay $70m To Settle SEC Trading Charges
Financial Times (05 March 09)

Europe’s Banks Face A $2 Trillion Dollar Shortage (05 March 09)

Hidden Pension Fiasco May Foment Another $1 Trillion Bailout (05 March 09)

JPMorgan Said to Reap $5 Billion Derivatives Profit (Update1) (05 March 09)

U.S. Private Sector Cuts 697,000 Jobs In February
Yahoo Finance (04 March 09)

Pimco Says Closed-End Funds Delay Dividend Payments (Update3) (03 March 09)

‘Bad Bank’ Funding Plan Starts to Get Fleshed Out
The Wall Street Journal (03 March 09)

CNBC Anchors Mortified That Ron Paul Was Allowed Air Time (26 Feb 09)

AIG Set to Get New $30bn Lifeline
Financial Times (02 March 09)

AIG Has $61.7 Billion Loss, New U.S. Aid May Not be Last
Reuters (03 March 09)

Bank of America Loans Valued at $44 Billion Less Than Books Say (27 Feb 09)

Has Back Door Debt Monetization Already Begun? (26 Feb 09)

AIG Bailout Saga in Review
Seeking Alph (02 March 09)

Treasury Grapples With Devising Systems For TARP
Federal Computer Week (20 Feb 09)

Bank of England Poised For Rate Cut (02 March 09)

Kids and Taxes (26 Feb 09)

Moody’s Predicts Default Rate Will Exceed Peaks Hit in Great Depression (26 Feb 09)

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