Money & Markets – Week of 3.29.09

How Much of The GM Problem is a Derivatives Problem?
Bloomberg (02 April 09)

GM Bondholders Back Obama’s Demand for Deeper Cuts (Update2)
Bloomberg (02 April 09)

Recession Hits Social Security Increases
Yahoo Finance (02 April 09)

Greenberg Spars With Lawmakers Over AIG Mess
Yahoo Finance (02 April 09)

Public Knows Basic Facts About Financial Crisis
Pew Research Center Puplications (02 April 09)

Credit Card Charge-offs Hit Record High -Moody’s
Reuters (01 April 09)

China to Boost Yuan Swaps, Payments on Dollar Concern (Update2)
Bloomberg (02 April 09)

Fed Buying Buoys Treasurys
The Wall Street Journal (01 April 09)

Obama’s Ersatz Capitalism
The New York Times (31 March 09)

Erbin Crowell: Beware Coastway’s Conversion (25 March 09)

Bank of China Drops Rothschild Deal After Deadline (Update3) (02 April 09)

China’s Hu Sees Stimulus Working, Seeks Results at G-20 Meeting (02 April 09)

G-20: Welcome to the Multi-Polar World
Truthout (01 April 09)

Financial Rescue Nears GDP as Pledges Top $12.8 Trillion (Update1) (02 April 09)

Recession Hits Social Security Increases
Yahoo Finance (02 April 09)

Burnin’ Down the House! Part Two: Wall Street has a Weenie Roast With Your 401k
New Geography (30 March 09)

Pissed Off at the Corporate Banking Industry? Here’s an Easy Way You Can Hurt Them
Alternet (01 April 09)

A Slate of G-20 Rivals Is Waiting In The Wings
The Wall Street Journal (01 April 09)

Merrill Lynch Bonus Payments Dwarf A.I.G.
Truthout (31 March 09)

China And Argentina in Currency Swap
Financial Times (31 March 09)

Blackstone Rejects SEC Request for Fund Data as Fortress Agrees
Bloomberg (31 March 09)

G20 Protests in The City And Beyond
Corporate Watch (31 March 09)

United States Treasury Department Releases Details of the Public-Private Investment Program (25 March 09)

Exclusive:AIG Was Responsible For The Bank’s January & February Profitability
Zero Hedge (29 March 09)

Geithner’s ‘Dirty Little Secret’: The Entire Global Financial System is at Risk
Global (30 March 09)

It’s 2 P.M. in New York, Time to Buy Stocks: Technical Analysis (30 March 09)

Corn Plummets 31% as Soybeans Fall 28% in Recession Forecast (30 March 09)

Is There Any Gold Inside Fort Knox, The World’s Most Secure Vault?
TimesOnLine (28 March 09)

The Dollar’s Days May be Numbered
MoneyWeek (27 March 09)

Small Businesses “Close to The Breaking Point”
REUTERS (26 March 09)

Did Goldman Goose Oil?
Forbes (25 March 09)

Let it Die: Rushkoff on The Economy
Arthur (17 March 09)

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