Money & Markets – Week of 9.30.12

Iran Crackdown on Money Changers After Currency Slide
Yahoo | 3 October 2012
A protest and scuffles with police occurred in central Tehran on Wednesday in the first sign of public unrest over Iran’s plunging currency

Smarter Cities Richer

Financial Sense | 3 October 2012
New census bureau data show the direct link between percentage of bachelor’s degrees and median income in urban areas.

Bear Stearns E-Mails: Executive Calls Mortgage Bonds “Dog,” “S**t Breather,” “Sack Of S**t”

Huffington Post | 1 October 2012
“Piece of s**t,” you’ve been replaced by “s**t breather” in the lexicon of dumb Wall Street emails.

Documentary Featured on Fox Blames Baby Boomers for Depression

Infowars | 7 July 2010
Fox News has run the documentary “Generation Zero” since February.

Eurozone Crisis Live: Unemployment Hits Record High as Troika Disputes Greek Cuts – As It Happened
Guardian | 1 October 2012
Time to end the blog for the day. Here’s a quick closing summary

Apple Has Quietly Created the World’s Largest Hedge Fund Worth $117 Billion
Yahoo | 1 October 2012
Apple (AAPL) is not only the most profitable company in the world, but it also now owns the world’s largest hedge fund as well.

Court Halts CFTC Efforts to Slow Derivatives Speculation
The Hill | 28 September 2012
A federal court has halted efforts by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) to implement portions of the Dodd-Frank financial reform law regulating derivatives.