Mortgage Market Madness

Oh, my.

Terrorizing honest government regulators and their contractors in life threatening ways, seizing and stealing their software tools and databases providing public access to transparency regarding government mortgage programs so you can engineer a housing bubble and fraudulent mortgage securities to systematically destroy neighborhoods for profit is now called “not regulating.”

“It is a scandal, and I think you can blame [former Federal Reserve chairman Alan] Greenspan for not regulating the mortgage industry. – George Soros in The Telegraph.

Mr. Soros also says that markets are amoral, not immoral. Not so. Markets without transparency and the rule of law are indeed immoral. If I have to compete against enterprises with powerful, invasive surveillance tools who are free to use covert physical, financial and legal violence against their competitors without accountability, that is not a market. That is madness.

Evil is the cause of the recession, just as it was the primary cause of the bubble. Good hearted people have more sense than to invest their faith, their time and money in madness. They don’t believe George Soros.

Thank heavens.

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