1. Catherine, you have outdone yourself here! I have been “away” for a while but am now determined to create a Solari Circle in Tampa. To this end I am going to actually invest in paying someone to help me do it. If I keep waiting, it just ain’t gona happen. I am now caring for my 94 yr old Mom. I am a lot stronger and clearer then a few years ago when we communicated, but you are shining star for us. The understanding I gained years ago when listening to all your other seminars, before putting my head in the sand like so many Americans, have actually carried me through. I still my my gold and silver coins and digital account as well. All my friends are sorry they didn’t listen, but I don’t rub in. I want to help them and myself. I have decided that I am going to hire someone to organize getting folks together as a starter.

    There will be no on man show, and it is not going to be politically or religiously oriented. I now have many skills I didn’t have before and I am going to create a solari circle blog for starters to get the word out, and i see you have some awesome youtube videos. Anyway who hasn’t taken a look, go look. I was listening to the one on the Solari Index. You are truly such a inspiration and courageous.

    I see the forum is operating anymore. How can I get you the data on my Solari blog? And to get the word out on the tampa solari? Comment here?

    I have remembered your “prediction” of what was to come and it’s here now. I use that as my “opener” when sharing with people.

    Thanks for all you do!
    Yvonne in Tampa

  2. Thanks, Catherine. I am posting my blog here that I just started. If that is ok, if not just delete it. I will understand. My comment on Solari tampa in the old forum still comes up on google 🙂

    I am listening to Jon Rapport seminar with you and I will tell you I have taken so much of my power back and now I won’t be stopped. Listened to Narco Dollars for beginners again today, I realize it is a lot to take in all at once. I tried to digest it all pretty much alone in 6 months, no wonder I got indigestion. But now several years later, I still have “knowledge” and have at 50% or more of my financial life out of the tapeworm’s hands.

    I just put up my blog yesterday because I want to get it out on the search engines. I am sure there are other Yvonne’s out there searching for Solari Tampa as I have. I have the resources to pay for people to help me now if I need to at first. ‘Cause if I don’t do it, who is going to do it?

    Oh, here is the web address for my Solari Tampa Blog http://tampasolaricircle.com/

    Very exciting about the subscription service…

    I am amazed at what you have brought forth to help educate us. Honestly, how else could we understand this insanity?

    Be Well,

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