Oligarchy & Their Fronts, a Report with Dr. Joseph Farrell

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The Solari Report 2014-02-06

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The Solari Report 2014-02-06

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Theme “The Spirit of Offense”

Money & Markets In Money and Markets, Catherine discusses CBO deficits, the state surplus and the economy. She also takes a look at some of the stories that may impact elections later this year.

Market Analysis Catherine analyzes the markets and events that are affecting it.

Hero Our hero this week isDr. Zenko Hrynkiw, an Alabama neurosurgeon who was at Brookwood Medical Center when he was needed six miles away for emergency brain surgery at Trinity Medical Center.

Ask Catherine Catherine answers questions submitted by subscribers.

I–like most people–have grave concerns over having a cell phone. Currently I have an Iphone with AT&T. Oh boy, about the worst combination available. I found this article from Chris Martensons Daily Digest about an possible new Blackphone. One of the commentors suggested going back to old technology.

The solution is to take a step backward in technology. Rather than using the internet and depending solely upon encryption, use a WAN or a node-to-node type BBS system. Messages are encrypt-ed, compressed and packed, and sent node-to-node along a dial-up network system. (See the WWIV-bbs network for an example.) With current encryption standards for the message and a simple Diffe-Hellman key exchange, the NSA would take a long time to decrypt it, seeing that they first would have to target the phone line in question and tap it. Simple 90’s technology to “get off the grid” and stay under NSA radar.

I’ve listened to Cliff High describe programming his android phone and disable the tracking devices in it but realistically I’m a 60 year old woman whose not inclined to learn a programming language just so I can have a secure phone. Do you think the Blackberry is the answer? But our main providers are Verizon and AT&T so doesn’t that defeat the purpose? I’m just stuck on this phone thing and what to do. Thanks, I’m sure you’ll come up with a creative solution!

Hi Catherine,

1. You commented that the emerging markets were greatly under-valued, AND that we may have a “crash-up” in the Western markets? In your opinion, should we focus on Western markets for now??

2. The Pope asked his Vatican bankers to meet with him so they can get together and be closer to Jesus. Shortly after meeting with the Pope, the Pope “fires” eleven of the Vatican bankers. Would you and Dr. Farrell speculate on this event?

Please comment on 1/28/2014 op-ed piece in NY Times re: Dr. Piketty’s new book, “… arguing that worsening inequality is an in-evitable outcome of free market capitalism… [and] contend[ing] that capitalisms inherent dynamic propels powerful forces that threaten democratic societies.” Various remedies (my word) are suggested by different eminent economists, all seeming to be un-likely. The piece ends with “His prognosis is extremely bleak. Without what he acknowledges is a politically unrealistic global wealth tax, he sees the United States and the developed world on a path toward a degree of inequality that will reach levels likely to cause severe social disruption.” Can we imagine alternative choic-es? I really fear that Piketty’s proposed “global wealth tax” with some presumed more equal distribution enforced through more automation would be paradoxically a way to just control everyone and not eliminate any of the covert transfer of wealth.

Regarding the depression of the spot price of gold, would it be a means of repatriating Yamashita’s gold back to the Chinese? That is we cannot give you your gold but we will depress the price while you accumulate the gold. That is until there is no gold left and we go to war. Somewhat simplified. Looking for your comment.

As Dr. J.P.F. would say – now for wild speculation regarding gold and China. We know that China is the largest producer, and they are the largest buyer (repatriation/delay of war). Could it be that their advances in space technology has brought them into (as planned, GE’s Jeff Immelt comment-China has a respectable eco-nomic system) trade, off planet for resources (gold) and HR (hu-man resources). We know that they have built mega un-occupied cities to move their citizens into urban settings. Is Earth the manu-facturing (slave)site for the local solar system plus area ?

Dear Catherine:

Did the powers that be simply allow the price of gold to rise above $1,900.00 an ounce when gold hit its peak? Or were market forces so strong that they couldn’t hold the price down a lot lower?

Do you think that the powers that be can manage the slow burn economy with a great degree of certainty? Or is it still possible that everything could implode and totally spin out of control?

Let’s Go to the Movies! and Interview Discussion This week Catherine reviews The Holcroft Covenant; a film that describes an endowment created from laundered Nazi funds and the efforts of Nazi party members and their descendants to take control. She also discusses her interview with Dr. Joseph P. Farrell.


February 13: Jailhouse Ministries and Local Economics with Franklin Sanders
February 20: UFOs for the 21st Century Minds with Richard Dolan
February 27: A Solari Report

“The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes”
~ Benjamin Disraeli

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This Thursday, Dr. Joseph Farrell and I will continue our conversation on the “breakaway civilization.”

To understand the breakaway civilization, it is invaluable to understand the Western oligarchies and the manner in which they have used inter-generational legal structures to govern resources for centuries.

Sovereign governments, companies, political parties, foundations and endowments – these are all mechanisms to organize and manage places, operations and assets. In one sense, these legal structures are “fronts” that live, die, evolve and morph over time.They are under the control of oligarchies and inter-generational pools of capital that constitute a “meta–governance” structure that has operated and evolved for centuries.

Tracing the evolution of post WWII Nazi networks, secret technology and financial wealth as these networks shifted from running a sovereign government to reintegrating into and realigning with the “meta-governance” structure serves as a very instructive case study in how the overall system works. It is also critical to understanding the roots of the US military industrial complex and the “breakaway civilization.”

Our goal is to understand the nature of the governance system operating today.

We draw on Dr. Farrell’s remarkable series of books on this topic, including

  • Reich Of The Black Sun: Nazi Secret Weapons & The Cold War Allied Legend
  • The SS Brotherhood of the Bell: The Nazis’ Incredible Secret Technology
  • Roswell and the Reich: The Nazi Connection
  • Nazi International: The Nazis’ Postwar Plan to Control the Worlds of Science, Finance, Space, and Conflict
  • Saucers, Swastikas and Psyops: A History of A Breakaway Civilization: Hidden Aerospace Technologies and Psychological Operations

In Let’s Go to the Movies, I will review The Holcroft Covenant. Based on the Robert Ludlum novel, the movie describes an endowment created from laundered Nazi funds and the efforts of a global network of Nazi party members and their descendants to take control. For an intriguing view of the “meta-structure” overseeing all the factions involved in WWII, I also recommend taking a look at The Council of the Gods

We will be posted Money & Markets on Thursday as well, so e-mail or post your questions for Ask Catherine!