Oligarchy & Their Fronts, a Report with Dr. Joseph Farrell

“The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes”
~ Benjamin Disraeli

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This Thursday, Dr. Joseph Farrell and I will continue our conversation on the “breakaway civilization.”

To understand the breakaway civilization, it is invaluable to understand the Western oligarchies and the manner in which they have used inter-generational legal structures to govern resources for centuries.

Sovereign governments, companies, political parties, foundations and endowments – these are all mechanisms to organize and manage places, operations and assets. In one sense, these legal structures are “fronts” that live, die, evolve and morph over time.They are under the control of oligarchies and inter-generational pools of capital that constitute a “meta–governance” structure that has operated and evolved for centuries.

Tracing the evolution of post WWII Nazi networks, secret technology and financial wealth as these networks shifted from running a sovereign government to reintegrating into and realigning with the “meta-governance” structure serves as a very instructive case study in how the overall system works. It is also critical to understanding the roots of the US military industrial complex and the “breakaway civilization.”

Our goal is to understand the nature of the governance system operating today.

We draw on Dr. Farrell’s remarkable series of books on this topic, including

  • Reich Of The Black Sun: Nazi Secret Weapons & The Cold War Allied Legend
  • The SS Brotherhood of the Bell: The Nazis’ Incredible Secret Technology
  • Roswell and the Reich: The Nazi Connection
  • Nazi International: The Nazis’ Postwar Plan to Control the Worlds of Science, Finance, Space, and Conflict
  • Saucers, Swastikas and Psyops: A History of A Breakaway Civilization: Hidden Aerospace Technologies and Psychological Operations

In Let’s Go to the Movies, I will review The Holcroft Covenant. Based on the Robert Ludlum novel, the movie describes an endowment created from laundered Nazi funds and the efforts of a global network of Nazi party members and their descendants to take control. For an intriguing view of the “meta-structure” overseeing all the factions involved in WWII, I also recommend taking a look at The Council of the Gods

We will be posted Money & Markets on Thursday as well, so e-mail or post your questions for Ask Catherine!


  1. My question to Dr. Farrel would be:
    Was Monuments Men, the action to get the “art, etc.” back from the Nazi’s a direct and full force action to stop the Natzi looting of Europe at the end of WWII or was it “compromised” by United States intelligence designed to significantly fund the shadow group he has discussed last fall?

  2. Well, I guess you know that every time your fan (or something) turned on, Dr. Farrell was drowned out.

    So, anyway, I just watched Council of the Gods, which is available on disc from Netflix. I thought it not only illustrated what must happen at the board room level (in a condensed fashion), but its actually an interesting movie. It didn’t drag at all.

    The other interesting facet of this is that when I looked the movie up on IDMB or Rotten Tomatoes or something the comments were about what a piece of Eastern German propaganda it was. Maybe the writers of those comments don’t realize how much propaganda we are exposed to every day.

  3. Peter Levenda (author who wrote books on Nazis and other subjects) has a presentation on youtube where he talks about his research in the national archives, looking up material on Werner Von Braun and the other Nazis after their arrival in the US. Von Braun and the others initially all worked for the US military. Levenda found a number of letters and official complaints from the American physicists and scientists who worked with von Braun and the others, with the Americans stating that the ex(?) Nazis were sandbagging–that they were deliberately not doing effective work in their own fields, and were sabotaging their own experiments. Levenda’s research ends there. The interesting thing is that the Soviets are the ones who put the first satellite into space, even though the US supposedly had the best (best Nazi) scientists. Sputnik lead to the creation of NASA, with Nazis in charge. And once the Nazis were in charge, the US catches up relatively quickly. The implication of Levenda’s research is really amazing–that Von Braun and the others sandbagged for years while they were under military control, and did not anything worthwhile until they were in control of their own agency.

  4. I really want to express gratitude for this interview; this topic of ‘what’s really going on’ can feel so imposing that it’s hard to dive in and understand what’s really happening. This interview makes the whole picture seem manageable, and even more so, possible to navigate in an intelligent and realistic way. Thanks for constructing such a functional platform that I can wrap my mind around- I now feel better prepared to dive into Blowback by Chris Simpson for further historical reference, and of course, into all of Dr. Farrell’s titles.

    With regard to ‘nefarious’ intentions driving everything, I believe these machinations described are our spiritual shortcomings being reflected back to us as opportunities for growth, and I’m ready to align with a more symbiotic (vs. parasitic) plan for the future. Much love to The Solari Team for all that you do!

  5. Jeffrey:

    I have started reading Levenda’s books based on Dr. Farrell’s recommendation. Very worthwhile. What you describe fits with the pattern of how the breakaway civ. players operate – with very clear intent and without loyalty to any legal institution or formal oaths.


  6. Mindy:

    Thank you for your encouragement!

    If you are interested in following the Nazi story, you also want to read Trading with the Enemy by Charles Higham.

    I am with you – each of us shifting spiritually is a powerful response.


  7. Great report, though at times hard to hear due not only to echo but clunking, tapping, banging, and what sounded like a disposal running at times in the background. Sounded like you were making a meal — actually a number of meals!

  8. Dear Catherine: Your discussion with Dr. Farrell ranks among the most important pieces of information and critical thought I have ever found. I am grateful to you both. As the Franklin Scandal demonstrates, the use of pedophilia for blackmailing persons of power into cooperating with the Meta overlords is too easy and too endemic to our society. Of course, who knows how many of our “leaders” need no blackmailing, but are eager to enjoy their corrupt use of children. I used to think that money and power were the main seducers of men, but sex and pedophilia may rank even higher. After all, men have long hungered for wealth and power so that they may have almost unlimited access to women, and, sadly, children too. In WW2, Allied soldiers were motivated to fight thru German resistance by being promised that “French women are waiting for you in Paris.” The experience you went through over 11 years costing $6 million shocked me, and now the Franklin scandal is profound in its indictment of the state of mind we have accepted in this country. Obviously we live under a class of people that can cooperate in virtual lockstep with some vague power and ruin or take innocent lives right out in public. All our institutions, the media and courts and government and law enforcement, are used with efficient timing and coordination to create a “reality” in the public mind that is 100% the opposite of the truth. I find disheartening that the FBI and the Justice Dept. and local and state law enforcers as well as the Secret Service and so-called journalists all surrender their integrity in chorus when signaled to do so, sending the innocent into endless incarceration or death and murdering their loved ones as “warnings.” Yours and Dr. Farrell’s courageous determination to shed light on our national darkness cheer me. May I offer this one suggestion (and it may be unnecessary): At the forthcoming conference in California, I believe there is an opportunity for the brilliant minds who come together there to offer to a frightened and confused world a vision of what kind of world we can and should be creating. We can learn what we must understand from discovery of the dark mentality enslaving us, but it serves us only if we then turn away from it to articulate clearly and specifically what kind of society we must imagine and then bring into reality. This means practical “how tos” and yes, theoretical re-structurings of our entire system to reflect our true humanity and love of our children and our fellow human beings. What kind of government would you imagine for such a future? What kind of education for our young? What kind of monetary or economic system would you want in that community of the future? You have said many times that our challenge is a spiritual one. So true. But what would you offer as a spiritual way of life that brings people together rather than isolates them into competing monotheisms? The free market capitalism you say we have never had and which in your opinion would prevent the obscene inequality the world suffers needs to be seriously attempted. What changes must we make to do so? Or, do you really believe a society can overcome the temptations capitalism provides that make it so easy for a society to become enslaved by a tiny minority? If you had the opportunity to create a new community from the ground up, free from interference by the Meta power, on good, unoccupied land that you can purchase and then dictate how the community would be attracted and structured and its members thrive, what kind of institutions would you have replace the ones we have now? What philosophy of life would you see as fundamental to that community so that it would be self-regulating and harmonious enough to ward off any corrupting influences from its weaker members? Call it an intentional community. What requirements would you have its new members meet before acceptance into it? Or, if you prefer to have no requirements, what would you suggest as the best way to insure the community remains free of corruption? To me, these questions have to be addressed if this nation is to come out of the dark age we are in. Some where a new pattern has to be tried and tested and established. I sincerely hope you, with your vast experience and excellent mind and heart, will begin to sketch out what your ideal society would look like. Mr. Global may seem to be a permanent presence, but we have to imagine a world that he cannot corrupt. What kind of people would you need to create that community? Obviously, it would not include soccer moms and dads who dare not push the red button. These good people operate from fear. How would they behave if the fear is gone? How would you have their community live so that Mr. Global cannot subvert and corrupt them?
    If we cannot imagine a world without Mr. G., we will never be free.
    Again, I am grateful for all I learn from you.

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