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The Solari Report – 2 Dec 10

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by Catherine Austin Fitts

I am in Philadelphia helping a very dear friend transition from her independent living community to an assisted community, with an interim stay in a hospital and nursing facility. As a result, the importance of organizing our affairs is very much on my mind.

So I am particularly delighted that Charles Murray, President of the American Institute for Economic Research (AIER), will be joining me on the Solari Report this Thursday.

I am a member of AIER and have been using their financial planning books for years. While I recommend many of their publications, there are two that Charlie and I will focus on this week:

How to Avoid Financial Tangles contains practical information to help you manage your financial and legal matters. For example, it tells you how marriage affects property, how to own real estate, and how to use a power of attorney. It tells you about making a will and about life, care, and fire insurance.

If Something Should Happen by Maria Brill is a workbook that helps you organize financial and legal affairs, so that your loved ones and others will be able to step in and help with minimal difficulty if you are not able to manage things yourself. It will also be helpful to anyone who wants to “get on track” by reviewing where they stand and bringing together key information on the financial and legal aspects of their lives into one centralized place.

With the New Year approaching, and numerous opportunities to get together with family and friends over the holiday, this is an excellent time to address these issues.

I will be covering the latest developments in the financial markets in Money & Markets and answering your questions in Ask Catherine. If you are a subscriber to The Solari Report, please post your questions at the cart before Thursday evening or on line as we are live.

Also, inspired by my time in Philadelphia, I will be reviewing the documentary, The Art of the Steal about efforts to break Dr. Albert C. Barnes’s will and relocate the Barnes art collection, valued at over $25 billion, from its longtime home in Lower Merion Township, Pennsylvania to Philadelphia.  Special thanks to the Solari Report subscriber who recommended this remarkable film.

Listen live on Thursday evening by phone or online, or listen at your convenience by downloading the MP3 after it is posted on Friday.

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