Pandemics, Politics and Unanswered Questions with Jon Rappoport

“Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.”~Joseph Goebbels, Third Reich Minister of Propaganda

By Catherine Austin Fitts

My frustration with the media coverage of Ebola cases in Africa reached a tipping point this week!

The most insightful investigative reporter on the relationship between economic warfare and pandemics and disease is our very own Jon Rappoport. So I asked Jon to join me this week to discuss the politics and unanswered questions of pandemics.

As the Fed tapers and concerns about global liquidity grow, it is essential for you to know how to separate fact from fiction, especially when it comes to your health and the health and safety of those you love.

In Money & Markets this week I will discuss the latest in finance and geopolitics, including updates on the Fed taper and events in Ferguson, Missouri. In Let’s Go to the Movies, I will review The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz.

Talk to you Thursday!

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Jon has created a new special collection which includes information on how to obtain and manage power outside the confines of the matrix. He is calling it Power Outside the Matrix. It comes with my highest recommendation!

For more information on Jon Rappoport, No More Fake News.


  1. If there is a “plunge protection team”….why would they allow a significant correction to occur in the market?
    Are we just in a rigged market that will continue to go up?

  2. If indeed the plan is to automate everything in the next decade. Then the PTB won’t need that many worker bees. Will they? Therefore, if they have their Break Away crew picked and ready to go. What is to become of the rest of humanity that isn’t going to be riding in the Break-Away life boat?


  3. very thought provoking. for several years prior to 2003 i was getting thinner and thinner and more fatigued. it got so i couldn’t make it through a day without some rest. i was 35yrs old then. then i got pneumonia and was diagnosed with aids. they gave me alot of old drugs which only made it worse before they gave me the latest cocktail. which seemed to help. there was a-lot going on for me in 2003, lots of stress and being out of work. prior to that i was having a pretty good time in sf. i always wondered if it was that and the stress that was my issue more than anything, and i’ve always thought before that that hiv and aids was difficult to prove. well now im on these drugs and still wondering if its all a joke that they do anything at all. i’d love to get off them but how does one take the such a huge risk. can john or you, recommend some data or books to persue that could help detail the hoax as it were? give some data so as to help take that leap?

    thanks -mike

  4. Mike:

    Excellent question.

    During Kelly O’Meara’s talk she recommended a book by a doctor on withdrawing from psychiatric drugs. So I am hoping someone has done something equivalent on HIV/AIDS.

    I have sent your question to Jon and several others in our network who research this area. Will post what I find.


  5. Mike:

    Other thing – we did a series with Dr. Laura Thompson on detox that may be helpful. Essentially, a lot of this comes down to building your immune system and detoxing.


  6. One suggestion:

    I suggest that you read the website called the Perth Group. They have done excellent work and I interviewed Elaine Popadopulous – the lead doctor – at length. It is a wealth of info.

    Another suggestion:

    Everyone is different – and shifting drugs can be dangerous. So important to find the right doctor for you.

    • well yes i can say the perth group is a wealth of knowledge. their theory of cellular oxidation and oxidizing chemical exposures to cells being a possible cause of hiv symptoms is very interesting. i found further fascination in that antioxidants could be used to reverse hiv like symptoms. or anything that would reduce the oxidation in a persons cells. for anyone else struggling with this, i also found this youtube documentary that was very hard to dismiss..

      thanks Catherine. this was exceptionally helpful. it will take me some time to fully digest the information on the perth group.

      youtube docu on trouble with hiv causing aids….that i was able to find…
      Uploaded on Apr 23, 2011
      “The Emperor’s New Virus?” is a supplementary follow-up to the award winning documentary, House of Numbers. It takes an in-depth look at the scientific evidence surrounding the existence of HIV.

  7. One more response:

    For your reader: Best advice right now is to find a doctor who uses alternative medical laboratories that analyze specifics about the immune system. One such lab is Immuno Sciences Lab. There are a multitude of panels that can be run, re: viruses + autoimmunity. A. Vodjani started the lab and is brilliant. Contact them for a physician. If none are in the area, ask to work by phone with someone. Hope this helps. In other words, going off the “cocktail” is not advised until you’re working with someone on how to “not need” the cocktail, because there are clearly things going on. Building natural immunity is the most important things —– why are there auto antibodies? Can the virus be handled —- what are the layers, in other words. Important to get your head into that way of thinking. Again, hope this helps

    • thats very good adivce. and thanks for the lab info. more good information. thankyou very much for the lead. personally i cant yet determine if hiv is a hoax or was actually designed in a lab in the first place. if the latter turns out to be true one should be very careful indeed. thanks for the info again….

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