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Continued from Part 1 here.

The Solari Report 2015-04-02

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The Solari Report 2015-04-02

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Introduction and ThemeThe theme this week is “Resurrection and the Nature of Life”.

Money & MarketsThis week on Money & Markets, Catherine discusses the latest in market and stock news. She also covers the changes in interest rates and the Swiss Re study on financial repression.

HeroOur hero this week is Wikileaks and Swiss Re.

Ask Catherine Catherine answers questions submitted by subscribers.
Question #1:

Hi Catherine,

You mentioned on a recent Dark Journalist interview that you were planning a trip to the east coast.
Is that still in the works? If yes, are there any details you’re ready to release about date, place and time?


Question #2:


Does Dr. Farrell or any of the space program researchers know of a benchmark for the average number of meteorite events per month by region?
Wondering if these sightings ( are evidence of an increase in meteorite activity or if this is a normal amount of activity.

Also, is anyone offering an explanation for the sonic booms reported around the globe in recent months?
Generally sonic booms are associated with plane reentry into the Earths’ atmosphere, but in the above reports, craft are not present.
Any sound produced by sudden shifting, popping, bending or breaking with-in shallow parts of the Earths’ crust would still be felt by nearby individuals as originating from the ground. Not sure what to make of atmospheric noise if air craft are not associated with it.


Question #3:

Hi Catherine,

Maybe I missed a discussion by you on this topic already but if not, perhaps your audience would enjoy Griffin’s work assuming you think its rel-evant in describing and moving away from the ‘official reality’?

G.Edward Griffin has created many gifts for any-one ready to think outside the box and one of my personal favorites is “The Creature From Jekyll Island”.

I attached a recent 19 page summary (Secret Or-ganizations and Hidden Agendas – 2013) covering the players and their agendas which is discussed in more detail within Griffin’s book. He cites Professor Carroll Quigley’s work – Tragedy and Hope and The Anglo-American Establishment – to back up his points. Griffin writes this about Quigley’s books…”They were not intended for mass readership. One-thousand seven-hundred pag-es altogether, they were written primarily for scholars, students of political science, and those who are involved with the conspiracy at some limited level and want a better understand-ing of its totality.”

On a side note, Quigley was Clinton’s professor who [probably] helped Billy boy go to Oxford via a Rhodes scholarship. Clinton openly praised Quigley and perhaps letting the establishment know he was on board with the hidden agendas of collectivism 100%.

Question #4:

Hi Catherine?Wow, can’t wait for this interview. Love this guy.?Would you discuss the possibility of a reset of the world’s economy??With the global debt bubble….wouldn’t it be better to just let everything default and collapse? Start over minus the Socialism/Marxism? Let the free market restore the terrible devastation the banksters have done to us.?Again….looking forward to interview.?

Question #5:

Hello dear Catherine,
Thank you fro last weeks mention of my email. I should have been more clear the book I want to call to your attention is Meltdown in Tibet. I may have confused you when I brought up the article “Go West Young Han” as a comparison article praising the development of China’s railroads and dams. Meltdwon in Tibet gives an eye opening on the ground account of the immense devastation to Tibetan people and to vast eco structures. I hope you may have a chance to read it.

And really looking forward to seeing you in NYC!

Question #6:

Hi Catherine,

In your opinion, how will the AIIB affect the world economies if at all?

Question #7:

Dear Catherine:

You mentioned during your interview with Richard Dolan that U.S. financial entities had been issuing 10 mortgages per individual home on a large scale. Can you explain the process of how this was done, and tell us who was paying the interest on all of these loans?

Question #8:

Dear Catherine:

We know that there has been much manipulation from behind the scenes to hold the price of gold down. But is there any reason why the powers that be would ever want the price of gold to rise substantially?

Question #9:

Hi Catherine, thank you for the copy of the Solari Report 2015 with personal note.

I’ve been reading Martin Armstrong’s site for awhile (introduced on Financial Sense but you also recently posted one of his blogs) and just signed up for his conference recently as a video stream.

I’m curious about your take on his call for complete restructuring of debt, canceling taxes, etc.

Let’s Go to the Movies!This week in Let’s Go to the Movies!, Catherine reviews Finding Vivian Maier. A documentary about the discovery of over 100,000 photographs.

Interview DiscussionCatherine discusses her interview with Dr. Joseph Farrell.


April 09: Imagination: How it Gets Torn Down; How You Build It Up with Jon Rappoport

April 16: Report from Eastern Europe with Anne Williamson

April 23: 1st Quarter Wrap Up/ Theme Planet Debt

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”
— Sun Tzu

This week, Dr. Joseph Farrell and I resume our conversation on global debt (See Part I here) and what it means to nations, to financial markets, and to individuals.

Here are some of the points we cover in these reports:

  • Debt has made it possible for war to explode — and war has made it possible for debt to explode.
  • The #1 debt problem in the world is Japan. For years, hedge funds could borrow from Japan for 0% interest. We have squeezed the Japanese incredibly.
  • If you raise interest rates, you’re looking at soveriegn governments around the world losing a $1.5 trillion dollar windfall and having to pay real money to borrow.
  • The history of debt is very much a history of war. Historically, as long as you could borrow money to finance a war, you could get the population to go along with war…because they didn’t have to pay for it until it was over.
  • Why there is so much debt? One possibility is that it will turn everyone into indentured servants before they’re given access to much more powerful technology.
  • When more debt has been issued than can ever be paid off, you no longer have a financial system — it’s a control system.

In Let’s Go to the Movies, I will discuss Finding Vivian Maier, a critically acclaimed documentary about a woman who secretly took over 100,000 photographs that were discovered decades later. She is now considered to be among the 20th century’s greatest photographers. Directed by John Maloof and Charlie Siskel, Maier’s life and art are revealed through never before seen photographs and interviews. This is a remarkable story.

In Money & Markets, I will discuss current events in financial markets and global geopolitics. Please e-mail and post your questions on the blog for Ask Catherine.

Talk to you Thursday!