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The test of activism in 2012 is going to come down to two questions. Is it decentralizing? So does it serve the interest of decentralization, or does it serve the interests of centralization? And is it wealth-building or wealth-destroying? Because what we need is activism that is both decentralizing and wealth-building. -By CAF

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This week, we have a “double-header!” It’s time for the Precious Metals Market Report. Franklin Sanders has also agreed to join me for the 1st Quarter Wrap Up. I wanted to wait until I had returned from Europe, as events on the east side of the Atlantic are so critical to all of us.

After we cover the precious metals markets and your questions on gold and silver and I describe why Warren Buffet is wrong about gold, Franklin and I will review the overall trends, including:

  • Overview: the Top Trends
  • Reengineering Europe
  • American Renaissance: Fact or Fiction?
  • The Violence of Food Wars
  • Elections & (Gulp!) Postponed for Post-Election
  • New Frontiers: Science, Technology & Space
  • Wildcards
  • The Search for New Models: Is It Decentralizing? Is it Wealth Building?


Solari Report annual wrap ups are reviews of the deeper trends. We make a special effort with the transcripts. If you have not read them, they are excellent background for quarterly wrap ups. You can find the links at your Subscriber Resource page.

I will start with Money & Markets. For Ask Catherine, please send your questions for both precious metals and the wrap up.

In Let’s Go to the Movies, a comment on Conspiracy, a BBC/HBO film that dramatizes the 1942 Nazi Wannsee Conference. This movie offers very useful insight into the importance of law, procedures and process to the diminution of human rights, including slave labor and genocide.


Talk to you Thursday from Top of the World Farm!

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