Precious Metals: Frequently Asked Questions

This is the second week of the month. That means I am headed over to Westpoint, Tennessee on Thursday, February 12, to join Franklin Sanders and his family for dinner at the Sanders homestead down the road from their Top of the World Farm.

(Sheep and shepherd at the Top of the World Farm)

A lively dinner discussion will be followed by our monthly precious metals update by bridge call for this week’s Solari Report.

In addition to our comments on current market events and response to subscriber questions, we will also answer the most frequently asked questions that Franklin and his team at the Moneychanger get about buying gold and silver coins. This includes his Ten Commandments of Gold and Silver Buying

If you are a subscriber to The Solari Report, you can post your questions at your private panel or feel free to also post them at this blog post. If you would like to learn more about The Solari Report and subscribe, click here.

I look forward to speaking with you. Doing The Solari Report “in cahoots” with you is what I love!


  1. Questions for Franklin….I was reading about holding coin as opposed to GLD… is audited but do they audit the paper on the gold they hold or the actual gold? Do you hold gold for people? Inside and outside the country?
    I never hear much about selling gold…a small window before it gets confiscated?? If states secede or America gets broken up into FEMA regions, what effect will it have on our money, gold etc. Thank you.

  2. Franklin has mentioned watching the gold/silver ratio and when to buy silver with gold and vice-versa. Would he recommend buying silver with gold now, with silver gaining on gold? Is Franklin buying silver with gold?

  3. Hi Catherine,
    I had a couple of questions for the upcoming session tomorrow with Franklin Sanders.

    1) Is there enough gold and silver to provide a monetary system for our planet of 6.5 billion people. Those in favor a paper system seem to argue that there is NOT enough hence why we need a paper based currency system… we can add more easily based… Read More on need.

    2) How do we respond to our Environmental friends who have objections to investing in gold and silver because of the impact that mining has on the environment.

    Thanks much.
    Looking forward to tomorrow.

  4. Thanks, PermaculturePrana. Another question: how do I know if the increase in the price of gold in, say, dollars is due to an increase in the value of gold or to a decrease in the dollar value, and does it matter (meaning, is it important to know)?

  5. All the arguments of bullish gold see to hold, except: It’s like war and the govt’s and central banks will do everything in their immense power to stop gold from rising too high. Also all the gold in the world, we’re told, isn’t enough to monetize the system. Please comment.

  6. Catherine,

    I’m a little confused. It seems that the logic of investing in precious medals revolves primarily around the rational that gold and silver is a fiat currency inflation hedge and principle preservation strategy. You have posted articles on the blog that show the total amount of new credit created for bailout purposes to exceed $8.5 Trillion. However, at the market level we are seeing an unprecedented drop in prices across the board and demand for everything but non-essentials collapse. As unemployment increases, credit collapses and deleveraging runs it’s course cash is becoming more and more scarce. That signals deflation more than inflation, can you speak to the deflationary forces present in the current environment vs the inflationary forces evidenced by the unprecedented creation of new credit? How do the lessons learned from the Japanese zombie bank model figure into the current crisis?

  7. Does anyone really know how much gold is stored in private vaults around the world. When I read the story of some 20,000 tons of Japan’s Hirohitos loot being dug up in the Philippines after WW2 and it subsequently disappearing into the night and considering the world current production is around 1200 tons per year…….I suspect that gold like diamonds is controlled and totally manipulated in its price fluctuations.I also talked to a contractor working at a BHP Billiton open cut mine in Australia and he told me how they continually uncover massive veins of gold…mark them and leave them in the ground untouched………..somebody please enlighten me………I dont want to lose my shirt speculating with gold.

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