Precious Metals Market Report – 11.10.11

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The Solari Report 2011-11-10


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Transcript of the 11.10.11 Precious Metals Market Report Interview of Mr. Edwin Vieira

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1. Introduction – 0:00   – Dinner in Zurich, week of November 28, contact or phone Darlene at Customer Service if you would like to have dinner with Catherine in Zurich …

2.Theme – 01:44   — Buddhist saying … “Those who are awake live I a constant state of amazement.” …

3. Money & Markets – 02:02   — Europe – central banker now running the Greek government Lucas Papadermos, MIT, taught at Harvard, worked at Fed Reserve of Boston, Governor of the Greek Central Bank, instrumental in getting Greece into the Euro in the first place; fits with the pattern of fraudulent inducement and re-engineering like Obama bringing summers and Geithner back; brought back to protect the French and German banks and the Euro at Greece’s expense; terror as the markets dropped this week –stock market is pumping and dumping within the channel – that is how the financial sectors make money; step back and see the primary trends – watch video; chances of a big collapse are small. We may have another 2008 drop – unlikely to be this year;?MF Global – October 25 8K – everything is hunkydory, October 27, Italy starts to drop – its shares down 15% and now November 10 MF Global has filed bankruptcy and does not answer the phone; fast – looks like a hit.??Corzine in August – name circulating for Secretary of Treasury; competition – we need firms to fail, excess capacity. Reported that 600,000 accounts moved on Move Your Money day….wow. Joe Paterno – In Pennsylvania management of pedophilia networks used to be in the Mason lodges and the archdiocese, then the masons moved a lot of their coordination and activities into the universities – investment syndicates. Football and sports games great excuse to all come together – other meetings and things going on. ??Was going to say something and then Rappoport wrote something. Worth reading as my guess is that there is a much deeper story. Pedophilia important for the control file system – Franklin Cover Up by John De Camp …

6. Interview: Franklin Sanders – 11:48   – Look at the US dollar, it’s all told there; managing the crisis to end up with greater centralization, control of national economies; big story in market is Euro; rumors it might be broken up into 2 tiers; Germany is in control, stands to lose more than any other country by failure of Euro; Euro rallied and came up to range it had fallen out of; made an island reversal; since then dropped like anchor; it’s going to 120 at least maybe lower; have gold and silver bottomed yet? has end of September correction finished? not clear… if gold gets through 1875, it’ll go higher; tug of war going on; silver has not benefitted as much as gold from economic crisis; day or two of downward trend; all working to keep gold down; crisis impelling people into gold; if above 1800 for 2 days, stop waiting for lower prices, BUY; if below 1705, more sideways movement before up again; silver much the same except weaker. waiting game; upside potential is multiples from where we are …

5. Solari Hero – 21:06   — Edwin Vieira, author of Pieces of Eight The Monetary Powers and Disabilities of the United States Constitution. explains gold and silver should be the only money; no official paper currency; paper would be in private sector only; we have the opposite of that system; we have a fascist structure; if something goes awry with paper, the people have to bail out; people can be controlled economically; Constitution designed to give us sound money; substance was controlled; couldn’t be expanded politically, government didn’t control the mines; government could only TAX and BORROW; it was originally also spending control; Feb 1862 to finance Union side of war; hidden taxation… government controlled new supplies of money; banks have re-distribution system as well called forced savings …

8. Up Next & Closing – 1:10:00   — William Tiller from Stanford University on Scientific Support for the Power of Intention, Foster Grant of the new film THRIVE, and the always interesting and informative, Franklin Sanders with the Precious Metals Market Report …

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This week Franklin Sanders and I will be joined by attorney and constitutional scholar Edwin Vieira, author of Pieces of Eight: The Monetary Powers and Disabilities of the United States Constitution.  We will be talking about the Constitutional basis for our current currency system as well as new developments underway, including state legislative efforts to support the use of silver and gold in daily transactions. Edwin is working on a new book. Hopefully, he can update us on it – it is quite exciting. I also want to touch on ill-advised efforts to open up and compromise the Constitution in the guise of “grassroots reform.”

We will start with Money & Markets and Franklin’s update on the gold and silver markets. Franklin and I will focus on questions on precious metals. Post your questions in the comments section for this blog post.

In Let’s Go the Movies, we offer this excellent interview of Edwin Vieira by James Turk earlier this year. It includes a discussion of what happened in America long ago when our continental currency collapsed and the importance of our constitutional framework in such a circumstance.

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