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The Solari Report – 14 April 11

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By Catherine Austin Fitts

I am headed over to middle Tennessee to join Franklin Sanders for our Precious Metals Market Report this Thursday evening.

The silver and gold markets continue to be strong  – with silver and gold reaching new nominal highs this last week. Franklin and I want to discuss what is supporting the continued rise. Note that last week in the 1st Quarter Wrap Up, I increased the odds of a 2008 type meltdown for my economic scenarios for 2011. Developments in Japan and the Middle East combined with the continued fall of the dollar all signal continuing trouble.

Franklin and I will cover the signs that have traditionally indicated that a price correction is likely to help you monitor market developments as we approach the Summer – the period during the year when precious metals prices tend to be the weakest.

We will also review the pros and cons of shifting to gold, given the continuing decline in the gold-silver ratio. Now is a time to consider silver to gold swaps, particularly for holdings that are not subject to taxes or can be sheltered by available tax loss carry forwards.

I have gotten an increased number of questions about legal and regulatory issues related to purchasing, trading and transacting with coins, which I want to address. Just remember – it is critical that you look to your tax professional or counsel for legal and tax expertise.

I will start with Money & Markets. This week’s Money and Markets charts will be posted at the blog. Questions for Ask Catherine will focus on precious metals. So keep the questions coming!

In Let’s Go to the Movies, I will review the Italian movie, The Listening (In ascolto)

(17 Feb 08)

In this political thriller about the National Security Agency (NSA) and its Echelon surveillance system, the NSA teams up with a private computer software company to implement a feature which will allow operatives to tap into cellular and land line telephone systems to watch and listen to nearly anyone they choose. Inspired by actual incidents, the movie was released in 2006. The film offers chilling insights into the power shift between defense contractors and government agencies. I will also connect it to my advice that there is no privacy and the implications for how you manage your lives and financial assets.

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This week’s Money and Markets charts will be posted at the blog.