Precious Metals Market Report

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Paul Ferguson is a founder and Treasurer of the First Ever Solari Circle, my circle that has been meeting every Monday by phone since 2005. Paul is a very astute entrepreneur and investor. He will be coming this week to Tennessee to spend several days with David Liechty and me. We head over to join Franklin and Susan Sanders of The Moneychanger for dinner on Thursday night and this week’s Solari Report.  On our Circle call this evening, one of our members said, commenting upon the great minds in attendance, “Oh my, it’s the Un-Bilderberg meeting! For sure, the topics will be as serious. However, we are planning on having more fun.

There is a lot to cover this week. There has been unusual activity in the precious metals markets over the last few weeks as concerns about global stock and bond markets continue to grow. The Dow priced in gold continues downward.

We will be covering several areas of concern to subscribers. First, we want to discuss seasonal patterns in precious metals prices, including summer lows. Second, we want to review what has been happening in the physical market, including reports from the U.S. Mint regarding record volumes. Third, we want to revisit storage options. As more and more people are switching to holding their silver and gold themselves, options and issues to store personally grow in importance. Because of the important shifts occurring globally, James Turk will join us next month in July to address international developments.

We will also cover the next date in our series, “The Top Ten Dates in the History of Gold & Silver.”

I will start with my round up in Money & Markets. For Let’s Go to the Movies we have a fascinating report on the Gulf Oil Spill which is having a profound impact on both our confidence and our economy, and therefore all the markets and asset valuations of concern to us.


See 1979 Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill vs. 2010 Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

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