Precious Metals Market Report with Franklin Sanders

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality.” ~Lao Tsu

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Franklin Sanders will join me next week for the precious metals market report. Franklin will walk us through what has happened in the gold and silver markets this year. We will discuss the current correction and how gold and silver prices may be impacted by the Fed decision in September.

We will also discuss the end of the debt-financed growth model and what it means to the outlook for precious metals.  Whether the fury at the Fed, the high disapproval ratings of the Presidential candidates, the growing concern about falling productivity growth, what appears to be an unraveling of Obamacare and the growing pressure to reengineer government budgets in the United States and worldwide — all of these matters make it clear that the costs of centralization, secrecy and privilege have become unbearable.

Franklin recently published a joke that I just have to share.

“It reminds me of the two old boys, Willie & Earl, who used to drive trucks together. Willie was being tested to renew his license, & the inspector asked him, “Suppose you are going down the long steep grade of Monteagle Mountain, and suppose further that your brakes went out. Now suppose that you look at the foot of the mountain and see 35 cars in front of you waiting for a railroad train to pass. What would you do next?” Willie never hesitated. “I’d wake up Earl.” Inspector said, “Wake up Earl? Why on earth would you wake up Earl?” Willie shot back, “Cause he ain’t never seen a wreck like this!”

We have never quite seen a wreck like the one into which we are headed. A recent report in Tennessee where Franklin and I live concludes that 50 percent of the current jobs will be replaced with automation. It really is time to rebuild our local economies, centralization be damned!

In Let’s Go to the Movies I will discuss the controversial autism documentary Vaxxed – what it is about, why the controversy, and why it is important to you to understand the issues. Essentially, if autism continues to grow at current rates, it will overwhelm the educational and health care system and have a devastating human and economic impact. It is essential that we figure out what causes autism and reverse the trends.

I will cover the latest developments in markets and geopolitics in Money & Market. Make sure to post your questions for Ask Catherine.

Talk to you Thursday!