Precious Metals Market Report with Franklin Sanders and Dr. Edwin Vieira – March 14

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The Solari Report 2013-03-14

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Audio Chapters

1. Introduction

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2. Theme Dow Jones Index Up, Popsicle Index Down, Congress and White House Tap Dance and Terrorize

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3. Money & Markets In Money & Markets, Catherine talks about the Bank of Japan, the latest developments in the James Holmes trial, and other important news stories of the week.
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Reality Gap/Price Gap

Property Insurance Limbo

Bank of Japan

4. Hero Our hero this week: Allan Savory, a champion of the world’s grasslands. Check out his inspiring TEDTalk posted on our blog.

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5. Interview Catherine and Franklin Sanders are joined by Dr. Edwin Vieira. How are precious metals and the militia linked? Listen to this Solari Report to find out.

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6. Let’s Go to the Movies! Catherine reviews The Naked Brand, a documentary that demonstrates people are really starting to vote with their money.

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7. Closing

March 21 Starting a Solari Circle Investment Club with Paul Ferguson

March 28 Jon Rappoport and Catherine discuss Exit From the Matrix

April 4 1st Quarter Wrap Up

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Two things awe me most, the starry sky above me and the moral law within me”
~ Immanuel Kant

By Catherine Austin Fitts

On Thursday night, Franklin Sanders and I will take an in depth look at what is happening in the precious metals and financial markets and address your questions. Franklin will review the charts that assess the current consolidation pattern. We will also unpack some of the “spin” that has been unnerving for precious metals investors over the last month.

We will then be joined by legal scholar Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr. who has just published his magnus opum, The Sword and Sovereignty: The Constitutional Principles of the Militia of the several States. We will discuss the legal history and basis for citizens organizing through the States to reassert the law throughout our governance structures and economic activities.

Why have a preeminent legal scholar join us on the precious metals market report? Markets and financial liquidity require trust to function. Trust requires law. We need a fresh vision of how to apply our powerful legal traditions to inspire new alignments and organize the decentralized leadership required to rebuild our culture and our economy. Dr. Vieira’s work is invaluable to contemplating effective action, rather than being isolated and getting picked off “one by one.”

In Let’s Go to the Movies, I will review The Naked Brand, a documentary that explains how mass media and advertising are breaking down. Something more human and intimate is emerging. 

I will start with Money and Markets. Please post your questions on the blog. Talk to you Thursday!