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The Solari Report – 12 Mar 2009


This is the second week of the month. That means I am headed over to Westpoint, Tennessee on Thursday, March 12, to join Franklin Sanders and his family for dinner at the Sanders homestead down the road from their Top of the World Farm.

A lively dinner discussion will be followed by our monthly precious metals update by bridge call for this week’s Solari Report.

Last month, Franklin and I covered the most frequently asked questions that Franklin and his team at The Moneychanger get about buying gold and silver coins. This includes his Ten Commandments of Gold and Silver Buying You can find this mp3 in The Solari Report archives.

This month, in addition to your latest questions, I want to cover the questions that I and the Solari team most often get about the gold and silver markets.

We will also be talking about Stanley Kubrick’s movie, Eyes Wide Shut, and important family safety issues you should understand in regards to the proposed national health database. I recommend my latest article, “The Data Beast.”

If you are a subscriber to The Solari Report, you can post your questions at your private panel or feel free to also post them at this blog post. If you would like to learn more about The Solari Report and subscribe, click here.

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