Precious Metals – Week of 12.29.13

Russian Banks Buy 181.4 Tons Of Gold In 2013
Zero Hedge | 31 December 2013
With headlines crowing of gold’s worst year since 1981 as a signal that the status quo is winning and proof positive that fiat-currency naysayers must be wrong, it would appear that the rest of the world’s central banks (and banks) have used the price depreciation to stack the precious metal…

The Mechanics of Precious Metals Price Manipulation
Silver Coin Investor
Much confusion persists regarding the method, or mechanics, of how the big banks are able to push the price of precious metals around at will for so long…

Scarcity of Gold in Mexico
Plata | 23 December 2013
I have just spoken with Mr. Calles, at Banco Azteca. Mr. Calles purchases silver one-ounce “Libertad”…