Precious Metals – Week of 2.28.10

Venezuelan Central Bank to Increase Gold Purchases
GATA (5 March 10)

Sprott Raises $400 Million From Gold Trust IPO
GATA (3 March 10)

Sovereign Default Time Capsule: What People Were Saying In Real Time As Debt And Currency Crises Played Out
Zero Hedge (3 March 10)

Sprott Physical Gold Trust: Not Really a Gold ETF, And a Bad Deal to Boot
Seeking Alph (2 March 10)

Russia Continues to Build Its Gold Reserves Ahead of the SDR Discussions
Jesse’s Cafe Americian (4 March 10)

Gold Soars to New record Highs in Sterling And The Euro
Jesse’s Crossroads Cafe (2 March 10)

Lehman Justice Isn’t Blind, It’s Unconscious: Jonathan Weil (11 Feb 10)

German ProSieben TV Channel Finds 500 Gram Tungsten Bar At W.C.Heraeus Gold Foundry With Bank Origin
Zero Hedge (1 March 10)

Soros Signals Gold Bubble as Goldman Predicts Record (1 March 10)

CME to Change Comex Gold, Silver Settlement Procedure
GATA (22 Feb 10)

Write Your Congressmen to Put Gold Questions to The Fed
GATA (26 Feb 10)

Adrian Douglas: Alarming Trend in Comex Gold And Silver Inventory Data
GATA (25 Feb 10)