Productivity with Dr. Joseph Farrell

“Being a spiritual warrior these days means pushing the media far enough away so you can think.” ~Elana Freeland, Sub Rosa America and the Fall of the New Atlantis

By Catherine Austin Fitts

I stopped to see Dr. Farrell on my way to California. We spoke at length about “Productivity, Prosperity & the Popsicle Index,” the theme in our 2nd Quarter Wrap Up. I was inspired by his insights and asked him to join me on the Solari Report to discuss why productivity growth is so important to you and me.

Given the explosion of new missing money from the federal government, continued financial fraud from big banks and the push to subvert the US Constitution with a constitutional convention, we can expect an acceleration of major structural shifts. Some worry about economic collapse. However, recent events look a lot more like controlled demolition and preparation for war.

I now refer to the US Presidential campaign as “Monica Lewinsky II.” Monica Lewinsky I was the media “shriek-o-meter” that distracted during the first year of financial coup d’etat with trillions in government assets disappearing from federal agency accounts starting in October 1997. With the DOD Inspector General announcing that $6.5 trillion is missing from DOD in fiscal 2015 alone, we need to keep our eye on the ball:  “Where is the money and how to do we get it back?”

The importance has never been greater of (i) seeing what is real  (including what is draining our productivity) and (ii) building stronger leadership and individual and local resiliency.

We will publish our interview with Dr. Farrell here on Thursday, September 29.

We also touch on our coming launch party in Tulsa, October 15, for the Grand Virtual Pipe Organ Crowdfund to purchase a virtual pipe organ for Joseph.  We will join 35 supporters for wine, dinner and a celebration of friendship and music.  You can buy tickets here. Stay tuned for more on the crowdfund when we launch on October 15.


  1. When you and Joseph started talking about artisans becoming entrepreneurs I realized that this has already started.

    I am a big-time knitter and several years ago found an online community and database called Ravelry. Two or three people decided to put the database together and see what happened. What happened is that the knitting community took it by storm. The are able to support themselves and provide a truly excellent service.

    I am not sure but I think the membership (which is free to users, discreet ads pay their salaries from what I can tell) numbers in the several millions and anytime I am on the site there are 3 to 5 thousands on. Knitters lead the way!

    • AWESOME!!! Amazing what happens when you just serve people and help them with what they care about!!!!!!!!!! My attorney is a weaver. I will tell her about it.

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