Identity Theft: Avoiding It If You Can, Surviving It When You Don’t

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by Catherine Austin Fitts

This Thursday night, I will talk with Bob Sullivan about how you can protect yourself and your family from identity theft.

Bob Sullivan is an award winning journalist covering internet and financial fraud for MSNBC.  Bob is widely considered the top reporter on identity theft, blogging on this and other frauds at The Red Tape Chronicles.  He published his first book Your Evil Twin: Behind the Identity Theft Epidemic in 2004 and has authored over 100 articles on the topic.

We will also discuss Bob’s latest book Stop Getting Ripped Off: Why Consumers Get Screwed, and How You Can Always Get a Fair Deal, including some simple steps that consumers can take to be ensure that you get your money’s worth and bring about a real change in corporate practices.

Bob’s books and writings are highly recommended. Whether you think of yourself as financially literate or not, we can all benefit from a better understanding of the complex and clever predatory and criminal practices that we navigate when making basic purchases and arranging financing.

I will start with a Money & Markets and some great questions from subscribers in Ask Catherine.

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