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“People have lost their sense of humor. In former times we constantly made jokes about different races. You can only tell them today with one hand over your mouth otherwise you will be insulted as a racist. I find that ridiculous.

In those earlier days every friendly clique had a ‘Sam the Jew’ or ‘Jose the Mexican’ — but we didn’t think anything of it or have a racist thought. It was normal that we made jokes based on our nationality or ethnicity. That was never a problem. I don’t want to be politically correct. We’re all spending too much time and energy trying to be politically correct about everything.”

– Clint Eastwood


  1. I really value people taking time and energy to consider the needs of others for respect. I know Clint values humor, and I do, too. Today, I’m relieved and excited about the possiblities of new jokes that affirm and meet our needs for humor, but also respect and honor one another’s ethnicity and nationality. In the end, we do sometimes take life too seriously and need to relax, but for someone who has been oppressed for a long long time in ways that those with priviledge have taken for granted (such as white US maybe Christian men like Clint), the ones on the receiving end of the jokes might not share in the humor. Thanks for bringing this issue up, Catherine. Interesting topic…

  2. Agree with Greg. Whenever we kids would get into an argument about some play in a pick-up game of football, baseball, etc., we had a slur for every national group we were aware of. And we would use them to intimidate each other to make a favorable decision. The animosity was short lived and we all grew up to be productive citizens. But little psychic scars were left. In reflecting, the only group that didn’t have a slur was the white Anglo-Saxon group. They were like an unseen,third rail. It was difficult to even make fun of their names. They could be criticized for their playing abilities,looks,etc. But when it came to the slurs, they were bulletproof. I think in the long run it resulted in more, secure,social capital that they ended up with, and less for the rest of us. They had to prove less and the rest of us, more.

  3. jokes, slurs – these are words folks.
    someone once said that if
    we take words too seriously we destroy
    i would say ditto for life.

    i am a grammer school teacher.
    in my school there are a mixture of
    puerto ricans, blacks, equadorians, blacks, etc.

    one time in one of my classes a puerto rican
    student jokingly called a student who was part mexican
    “a smelly mexican”.

    i chided the student for saying this, however
    the student who was the butt of the joke just
    shrugged it off.

    kids have that innocence in understanding not to
    take words too seriously.

    humor is the fundamental fabric of who we are as human beings.
    to laugh is to be one with the universe.
    when the intent is purely for humor’s sake,
    no matter how crass the joke is,
    joking about somebody’s ethnicity can never
    insult or deride a people and their
    history of struggle in this world.

    i would say clint’s quote is esp. true of

    the elites, through the churches, schools and media,
    have institutionalized GUILT and use this PC decadence
    against us to divide us.
    humor always brings us together.

    lest we allow this to happen:
    United Nations Wants To Regulate Free Speech Of Every Nation

  4. Clint is a tough guy, but he assumes (demands, really) that everyone else possess his very thick skin.
    If different siblings in the SAME FAMILY react differently to insults and taunts, imagine the variation in response with ethnic backgrounds? What might be crippling to one sibling or person may strengthen and motivate another. It’s presumptuous, as Roberta and James point out, to speak for the whole gang when you are top dog and want to keep it that way. Why assume that it’s ever OK, except in the hands of talented comedians who poke fun at everyone, to offend someone else for pure sport?

    Two years ago, in a very quiet neighborhood near my home, a man was murdered. The motive was revealed to be a few racial jokes and slurs that the murdered man had made at his place of employment (seven years prior) at the murderer’s expense. Those public slurs, made in the presence of other employees, had simmered in this formerly non-violent man for years. I guess he didn’t “grow a pair”, per Clint, or he totally lacked a sense of humor. Maybe he just didn’t realize it was all done “without a racist thought”, as Clint insists.

    On the other hand, “Political Correctness”, as in carte blache tolerance taken to the extreme, relativizes ethnic evils like child slavery, the subjugation of women, genocide, etc., and replaces them with a fake tolerance that sugar coats the truth.

    The very term has had many incarnations and is engineered…

    Intellectual debate (which is different than the pointed language that Clint describes) about the merits of a culture or globaliztion or immigration, needs to continue, not be stifled. Writers like Orianna Fallacci, who fought facism for her entire life and found herself furious with fundamentalist Muslims in her home city of Rome and then raged at Mexican prison guards after being brutalized in Mexico, sharply criticized the wrongs in these two cultures and was exiled from Italy for hate speech as a result. Silencing critics, even Rush Limbaugh, is very scary business.

    The un-PC Chris Rock, with his “grandfather” routine of “Cracker-ass cracker”, is hysterical precisely because it pokes fun at we white people who are at the head of the pack with “supremacist” fantasies, all the while decrying other people’s sensitivity and abilty to stand pain.

  5. Very often I have found Political Correctness a cover for racism. Sometimes people honestly mistake political correctness for not being racist. More often they claim that (or talk as if) since they are politically correct, they are not racist.
    And what about the equal-opportunity jokes: What is a flaming arrow through a trash can? Ans: A ______ shish kebab. (Fill in the blank with your favorite group. (“Club sandwich” may work better in some cases.)

  6. Actually, the media and Americans can make fun of any nation, race or religion EXCEPT ONE. I constantly hear bad things and jokes being made about Islam, Arabs, Mexicans, Iranians, Chinese, Blacks, Christians, Catholics etc…….

    The ONLY things WE just cannot have honest discussions about are Jews, Judaism, Israel, Zionism. Why you may ask? Just look at who owns the Media and Federal Reserve System. What is their goal? World Domination and unthinking obedience to their lies and crimes.

    Judaism = Racist Religion
    Zionism = Racist Political Ideology
    Israel = Racist State

    No real American should support a racist state such as Israel or support a racist 2 state solution. That is UN-American

    Israeli Zionism = German Nazism = American KKK

    All 3 are “racist political ideologies” that seek to create a pure race state for their bigots.

  7. Eastwood was great in Grand Torino (2008) its about an old guy “archie bunker” type who has asians move in next door, and at first they don’t like each other. Its a great movie I recommend everyone see it.

  8. Here’s an article on the history of “political correctness” and the use of this concept as a political strategy. And the director of the British Libertarian Alliance, Sean Gabb, wrote recently about some high-profile cases in the media of people being politically incorrect and the consequences. Gabb writes “the highly selective use of speech codes and hate speech laws has nothing really to do with politeness. It is about power”, and “We should also at all times bear in mind that political correctness is not about protecting the weak but disarming the potentially strong”. On Golliwogs, One-Eyed Scottish Idiots and Sending Poo Through the Post

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  10. I can understand how certain remarks about race or ethnic groups might be offensive to some people; but let’s not forget that we as American’s have the right to express ourselves. We can’t control what everyone will say; but we can leave the conversation if it offends us.

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