Rappoport, Farrell & Fitts on the Presidential Election

“Trump’s election will be the biggest “F**k You” ever recorded in human history” – Michael Moore

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Following Tuesday’s elections, Jon Rappoport and Dr. Joseph Farrell join me to discuss the Presidential election and the Republican sweep.  We discuss what happened and why, winners and losers, the first 100 day agenda for a Trump presidency and what you and I can do to make America great again.

Our movie is The Forgotten – a movie about the effort to destroy the powerful bond between mother and child. A mother’s love for her child has been a mighty political force against central political control. It is at the heart of numerous victories against the machine – including vaccine exemptions and home schooling.  I want to discuss the efforts underway to destroy this bond and the importance of marginalizing them.

In Money & Markets this week I will discuss the latest in financial and geopolitical news.  I will be speaking to you from an Atlantic Ocean sailing community in Friesland in the northern outer banks of the Netherlands. I arrived Friday after several days in Zurich. The US elections have engulfed global media, so I am getting Austrian, Dutch, German, Italian, and Swiss perspectives. There will be a lot to discuss!

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Talk to you on Thursday evening!