Rappoport, Farrell & Fitts on the Presidential Election

“Trump’s election will be the biggest “F**k You” ever recorded in human history” – Michael Moore

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Following Tuesday’s elections, Jon Rappoport and Dr. Joseph Farrell join me to discuss the Presidential election and the Republican sweep.  We discuss what happened and why, winners and losers, the first 100 day agenda for a Trump presidency and what you and I can do to make America great again.

Our movie is The Forgotten – a movie about the effort to destroy the powerful bond between mother and child. A mother’s love for her child has been a mighty political force against central political control. It is at the heart of numerous victories against the machine – including vaccine exemptions and home schooling.  I want to discuss the efforts underway to destroy this bond and the importance of marginalizing them.

In Money & Markets this week I will discuss the latest in financial and geopolitical news.  I will be speaking to you from an Atlantic Ocean sailing community in Friesland in the northern outer banks of the Netherlands. I arrived Friday after several days in Zurich. The US elections have engulfed global media, so I am getting Austrian, Dutch, German, Italian, and Swiss perspectives. There will be a lot to discuss!

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Talk to you on Thursday evening!


  1. Inviting people to submit names does not necessarily mean anything. If they impose the ban on lobbying – that will be quite meaningful. So far, it looks like a focus on corporate growth. Tear up Dodd Frank, bring back all the corporate money. More tonight on Money & Markets.

  2. Thanks for the wonderful interview featuring you, Jon, and Joseph. We have so much hope for change right now, but there will be great pressure and influence focusing on Donald Trump, trying to keep everything exactly the same. I have to believe that powerful Wall Street interests will promise him tons of money and financing for any real estate project in the future if he just takes care of them. In addition, I’m sure he will feel threats to his safety if he goes too far for the people, and this would rattle anyone.

    Let’s take it one step at a time, and hope that we see great change for Americans everywhere.

        • Here are the hard facts so far:

          IMO Trump and the military intelligence establishment who back him have accomplished the following:

          1. TPP is dead; assume the same for TISA and European equivalent
          2. The Bush-Clinton Dynasty has ended – unless the third generation can bring it back 8-16 years from now since they are still rich and have not yet been relived of illgotten gains
          3. The Neolibearal model is facing defeat across Europe in 2017 having been defeated in the UK and USA in 2016
          4. The chances of war with Russia are significantly reduced

          The next thing they need to accomplish is the inauguration and to create the capacity to manage the machinery – Big job.

          In addition to putting their team in place, they need to assert control of the personal and SES system, the contracting offices and the CFO/general counsel offices throughout the agencies. And the bank depositories. Remember the NY Fed runs their accounts.

          This is why Pence has been put in charge of the transition team. He knows the machinery. If you don’t master and comand the machinery you will fail.

          So the next test is:

          WHO gets the Cabinent and subcabinet positions
          Executive Orders – does he throw out 50+ in the first week?
          What he agrees with Mitch McConnell and the Speaker (Ryan or his replacement) on a first year agenda – they don’t have national support for a full list. So they will have to pick and chose.

          No one on the Cabinet list is one of the Neocons. Whether the Neocons get cleaned out will be an early signal. You are seeing nuts and bolts names like Grady instead of ideologue names like Wolfowitz. Post innauguration, how many of the EOs will he cancel? That will be a second important signal.

          For many of the changes he wants to make he needs a 60-80% consenus in the voting population to achieve it. He does not have that yet. If he engineers a return of a significant amount of offshore cash and an infrastructure program that will give him some lift.

          Kiplinger indicates early relief on Crowdfunding rules and Dodd Frank. If that lets small business equity flow combined with lower taxes that will give him some lift as well.

          He will have to focus on things that give lift to the economy.

  3. I was watching the election returns Tuesday night on ABC, and it was amazing seeing the shock and depression exhibited by their news anchors and their company panelists. They seemed to feel that they had failed at delivering the election to Hillary Clinton. In addition, Martha Raddatz, their Chief Global Affairs Correspondent, looked like she was going to breakdown and cry, and she expressed her concern that a Donald Trump Presidency would reduce the amount of war in the Middle East.

  4. All three of the folks here (Fitts, Rappaport, Farrell) have made a huge impact in my understanding of the world! Thank you.

    In regards to the entrainment technology, I feel it has a lot to do with the social media, since the younger generation get all their information from places like Facebook and Twitter. They do not read long articles or books on politics, they don’t listen to long meaningful discussions/interview, they just base their beliefs on short memes or the titles of articles they see on these social media platforms.

    I saw this happen on November 9th. If you were not for Clinton, then you were for racism, sexism, white supremacy, homophobia, and xenophobia. These are exact things they said about the Brexit voters. Strange how the same things are being said here about the rising tide of opposition to the status quo.

    • Donald Trump is very brash, direct, and crude in his presentation style. In many ways, he’s probably being very honest about how he really feels. But I think he may have really tapped into something with so many people who are really sick and tired of being politically correct. With this in mind, I saw a quote attributed to comedian George Carlin that says, “Political correctness is fascism with manners.” The people who want us to be politically correct in many ways just don’t like our opinions, and they want us to keep our mouths shut about them.

    • Combination of things, including regular communication, shared vision of making America great again and private security. His family need protocols of always speaking in the positive – something they appear to be doing a good job at all along.

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  6. Catherine…You mentioned when discussing Hillary Clinton’s supporters that Hollywood is an industry that is subsidized by the government. Are you referring to the subsidizing of pro-military and pro-war movies? Or are there additional subsidies that you’re talking about also, and if so what are they?

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