Real 2016 Issues with Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney

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The Solari Report 2015-07-23

“You can have my house, you can have my car, you can have my job, but you can not have my joy!”
~ Co-Pastor Susie Owens

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (D-Ga) served in the House of Representatives with distinction from 1997 to 2003 and 2005-6 and was nominated by the Green Party to serve as US President in 2008. It is largely due to her work in Congress that we know as much as we do about trillions missing from the US government, sex-slave trafficking by defense contractor officials and the failure to achieve transparency and accountability regarding the events of 9/11. The shenanigans that McKinney managed in her 2002 defeat and 2004 re-election to Congress were documented in the Guerrilla News Network production American Blackout.

I have said many times that we have three pathways before us:

  • War
  • Depopulation
  • Change

Our focus at Solari is change. I have asked Congresswoman McKinney to join us on the Solari Report this week to discuss the REAL issues we face in 2016.

We need to understand what a successful United States and a successful world really look like. McKinney is one of the seasoned leaders who has been in the fray, grappled with the issues and is helping people create a practical vision. She is brilliant and shoots straight – so be prepared for a much more informative discussion than you are used to hearing from “entertainment politics.”

Congresswoman McKinney is also the author of Ain’t Nothing Like Freedom and editor of The Illegal War on Libya.

In our Let’s go to the Movies segment, I will review Netflix’ new documentary on one of the great performers of the last generation: Nina Simone.

Simone left the United States in 1970 with good reason to be concerned for her safety. The film is a sobering reminder of the importance of not losing your love in the face of the evil in this world – something Congresswoman McKinney and I have grappled with a lot! The documentary is also a remarkable introduction to this extraordinary musician and her artistic contribution.

There will be lots more on current markets and geopolitics in our Money & Markets segment. If you’re not a Solari Report subscriber yet, you can learn more about becoming one here.

Talk to you Thursday!


  1. Catherine:

    You say at 4:00 in M&M that you want to see if gold stays under the $1100 level at Friday’s close. Sure enough, it shot back up today and closed just about there. Your Silver and Gold calculator has the spot price at exactly $1,100.00. Others differ by a dollar or two. Any particular significance?

  2. I loved the where the two of you talked about what it is to be American. Fletcher Prouty talked about how when we defined ourselves as ‘anti communists’ we effectively handed over the initiative to someone else, and I think being just ‘anti terrorist’ has made this far worse. We have completely lost sight of what we are.

    • That’s a great point Jeffrey. That reminds me of the metaphor of canoeing down a river…

      …when one comes upon a rock and sees there is both a rock obstructing and an open river available, the mind and soul and action takes one of two courses – to ‘avoid the rock’ or to ‘accelerate towards openness’ – the ‘magnetic forces of this world’s dimensional field’ pick up on that very psychic energy, see? So, the story finishes, the man who thinks about ‘please let me avoid the rock’ ends up hitting the rock, while the man who says ‘bring on the water, baby!’ sails smoothly in to the vistas of wonder and magnificence.

      The real bravery is in hitting the adventure of life, not in hiding ‘under an fruit bushel’. We are what we manifest through God in that way, and, after all’s said and the weather’s read… there is only sky out there!

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