Reinventing America’s Homes and Buildings with Mat Stein

“The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home.”
– Confucius

By Catherine Austin Fitts

The signals are everywhere. The flow of inexpensive financing to fund larger homes and homeownership in America is coming to the end. Congress is proposing to convert Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to a coinsurance scheme. Real estate developers are talking about REITS and rental bonds. The Fed is laying the groundwork to raise interest rates.

But it is not just the financial developments inspiring change. Weird weather, tornados, hurricanes, droughts, fires, earthquakes, and harsh winters – they all inspire modifications to our homes and communities. And what about indoor pollution? An important part of preventative health care is making sure our homes support our health.

Join me next week for a discussion with engineer, homebuilder and author Mat Stein on how to start building resiliency into our homes and living spaces.

It’s the last week of the month, so no Money & Markets. The following week is the 1st Quarter Wrap Up – so please do start sending me your requests for topics you would like me to address.

Talk to you Thursday!


  1. I am so excited about this information, I am still listening to my first hearing of your interview.
    I met monthly for two years at the offices of Larse Stanley Architects and Artisans (He’s also a blacksmith), they do the work like Mat and you discussed…green building and permaculture. They have a natural roof on one office. Their round library is metal surround on the outside. It’s a really cool setting. subscribers may want to share their local resources with each other.


  2. Has Mat done anything with retrofitting home exteriors with straw bales? This boosts the R value as well as an increased level of fire resistance. We put a metal roof on the house and installed a cistern system.. We also are building a garden shade structure to integrated aquaculture, hydroponics and conventional gardening.. We have to protect the garden from heat and cold in the Sonoran desert.


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