Science & Technology – Week of 03.26.17

Comcast, ATT and Verizon Say They will Not Sell Their Customer’s Browsing Histories
Slashdot | 31 March 2017
The Check is in the mail…

Southern CEO Flew to Tokyo to Look Toshiba CEO in the Eye
Bloomberg | 29 March 2017
V.C. Summer plant in South…

How a Telecom Bill is About to Strip Local Authority
Foghorn Express | 24 March 2017
Able to bring up health?

Florida League of Cities Opposes Efforts to Strip Cities of the Ability to Regulate
Fl League of Cities | 24 March 2017
City rights of…

Things Archaeologists Won’t Touch – Elongated Skulls and Pyramids
YouTube | 09 November 2016
Far from the truth…

This could be a major breakthrough in Free Energy Research.
Free Energy Source Confirmed
Revolution-Green | 01 April 2017
Out of left field…

Soon You’ll be Able to Go to Work in a Flying Taxi
NY Post | 01 April 2017
Case is being made most eagerly by…

Elon Musk Isn’t the Only One Trying to Computerize Your Brain
Wired | 31 March 2017
“Neural tools”

Latest WikiLeaks Release Shows How the CIA uses Computer Code to Hide the Origins of its Hacking Attacks and ‘Disguise them as Russian or Chinese Activity’
Daily Mail | 31 March 2017

The 265 members of Congress Who Sold You Out to ISPs, and How Much it Cost to Buy Them
The Verge | 29 March 2017
Lawmakers who voted to betray…

Dr. Nick Begich Reveals CIA Mind Control On Americans
YouTube | 27 March 2017
Key…Spiritual life…

It’s Official: Sky Will Be Sprayed in Geoengineering “Experiment,” Blocking Sun for Climate Change
The Mind Unleashed | 26 March 2017
Chem Trails aren’t just in your mind…

Dr. Nick Begich About What We Can Expect From The Globalists In Future
YouTube | 24 March 2017

Insider Reveals How DARPA Will Control Our Minds
Zero Hedge | 27 March 2017

YouTube | 15 August 2016
“If Even 20% Of This Is True”…

Latest Solari Donation
Donate to Fight For the Future
Fight For the Future | 30 March 2017
New online resource called #GetSafe…

Following Congress’ attack on Internet Privacy, Fight for the Future Launches #GetSafe Guide to Help Average Internet Users Protect Themselves Online
Fight For the Future | 30 March 2017
New online resource called #GetSafe…

Space Arms Race as Russia, China Emerge as ‘Rapidly Growing Threats’ to US
CNBC | 29 March 2017
Space are a lot better…

Forum on U.S. Solar Geoengineering Research

YouTube | 24 March 2017
Starts at minute 36, Social science tweak to change perspective…

Your Respiratory System and Geoengineering

YouTube | 05 January 2016
Aluminum tipped fiberglass aerosol…UN…Vaccines…

Harvard Engineers Plan New “Real World” Geoengineering Experiment
Activist Post | 29 March 2017
Experiment beginning in…

Blastoff? Architects Envision Tower Strapped to Asteroid, Parachuting Tenants
The Real Deal | 30 March 2017
Southern hemispheres…

Toshiba says Westinghouse Files for Bankruptcy Protection
Toshiba | 29 March 2017
Buying Westinghouse was…

House Votes to Block Obama-era Online Privacy Rules
Boston Globe | 28 March 2017
Forbidden from…

Shasta County (California) Supervisors Take Shasta County (California) Supervisors Take Evidence on Enviromental Contamination from Climate Engineering Programs 2014

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YouTube | 19 Jul 2014
Geoengineering hearings…

The Transformation Of Our Nation Into A Complete Surveillance State Is Almost In Place: “You’re Known, Your Vehicle Is Known, Your Daily Itinerary, Shopping Habits… It’s All Being Recorded”
SHTF | 27 March 2017
Anonymity only lasts until…

Elon Musk Launches Neuralink to Connect Brains With Computers
WSJ | 27 March 2017
Brain CPU interface plans…

UK Targets WhatsApp Encryption After London Attack
Yahoo | 26 March 2017

I-85 collapse: Three Arrested after Major Fire Under Atlanta Highway
CNN | 31 March 2017
220,000 cars per…

The Rise of a New Species of Human Being
Singularity Hub | 26 March 2017
Evolution is no longer driven by…

Cell Phone Safety Guidance from the California Public Health Department
Safer EMR | 15 March 2017
Suppressed by…

Judge Says California Must Release Papers Discussing Risk Of Cellphone Use
San Francisco | 24 February 2017
Risks of…