Science & Technology – Week of 11.25.2012

I Had to Shave My Head to Land Silicon Valley CEO Job: 60-Year-Old Forced to Lose What was Left of His Hair, Get an Eye-Lift and Trade Loafers for Converse to Work in Youth-Obsessed Tech-Hub

Daily Mail Online | 27 November 2012
When 60-year-old Randy Adams was looking for a chief-executive officer role in Silicon Valley last year, he got turned down from position after position that he thought he was in the bag – only to see much younger, less-experienced candidates win out.

Rebuild a Jeep in Under 4 Minutes
YouTube | 09 September 2010

Hatching Ideas, and Companies, by the Dozens at M.I.T.

The New York Times | 25 November 2012
HOW do you take particles in a test tube, or components in a tiny chip, and turn them into a $100 million company?