Science & Technology – Week of 9.30.12

Gold-pooping Bacteria Could Be Modern Day Equivalent of the Philosopher’s Stone
Yahoo | 4 October 2012
Mentioned in writing as far back as 300 A.D., the Philosopher’s stone is a legendary substance sought by alchemists for its reputed ability to — among other things — turn lead into gold.

US Congress Launches New Search Engine
The Library of Congress announced a new tool to find legislation that promises easier identification of a bill’s current status and new biographical profiles and legislative histories of each member of Congress.

PlaceRaider: The Military Smartphone Malware Designed to Steal Your Life
Technology Review | 28 September 2012
The power of modern smartphones is one of the technological wonders of our age.

Tesla Motors Launches Revolutionary Supercharger Enabling Free Long Distance Travel
Activist Post | 25 September 2012
Today Tesla Motors unveiled its highly anticipated Supercharger network, which is said to make long distance travel in cars totally free.