Shock Doctrine California, Part II

“In a digital age, data about money is worth more than money.”
~ Nicholas Negroponte



Grants and Contracts

IRS State Data,,id=99948,00.html
Also: Tax Collections by State,,id=206488,00.html

Agricultural Subsidies

US Census Data


California Budget 101: Making sense of the state’s financial meltdown

California Nears Financial “Meltdown” as Revs Tumble; Reuters (10 June 09)

California’s bond ratings don’t reflect reality (LA Times, 3/26/09),0,7033993.column

Governor’s proposed budget 2009-10

California Recovery Act spending

Official state website


State agency contracts database search tool

State parks

Regional maps

School data finder tool

School finder tool

State agencies directory

Department of Health Care Services (includes links to # Department of Health Care Services Budget Balancing Reductions – Local Assistance; Department of Health Care Services Budget Balancing Reductions – State Operations; 2009-10 Governor’s Budget Highlights DHCS and ARRA summary)

MediCal website

Disaster preparedness

Department of Health Care Services – Decisions Pending and Opportunities for public participation

State Treasurer’s website

Bonds and public financing

Bond sale database

Buy California bonds (current offerings)

Pooled Money Investment Account and Local Agency Investment Fund

Affordable housing (includes links to California Debt Limit Allocation Committee and Tax Credit Allocation Committee)

Treasurer’s environmental page (includes links to California Alternative Energy and Advanced Transportation Financing Authority and California Pollution Control Financing Authority)

On-line campaign finance and lobbying disclosure reports

Fair Political Practices Commission

Tribal government website directory

Directory of city websites


CalPERS Investment Reports


California State Teachers Retirement System

California Retired Teachers Association

California Association of Public Retirement Systems (includes list of members)



CalPERS Corporate Governance Issues


City of Berkeley CAFR
The CAFR includes the City’s financial position and results of operations. It also contains demographic and statistical information to help the reader understand the financial condition of the City for each fiscal year. The current CAFR is for the City’s 2008 fiscal year, which ended June 30, 2008.

City and County of San Francisco CAFR

Los Angeles County CAFR


Budget woes have Oakland mulling bankruptcy

City of Oakland official website (includes proposed city budgets, Opportunities for Public Input to FY 2009-11 Budget and information on City of Oakland Special Municipal Vote by Mail Election – July 21)

Online Portal to City Council and Council Committees Legislative Activity.

Oakland Code of Ordinances and Planning Code

City of Oakland Bonds (includes links to summary of debt outstanding and official statements)

City of Oakland, Alameda County Transportation Improvement
Authority Measure B Funds; audited financial statements 6/30/08

City and Agency Resolutions Authorizing the City Administrator to Execute a
Two (2) Year Professional Services Contract Between the City of Oakland and
Macias, Gini & O’Connell, LLP to Provide Audit Services for the Fiscal Year
Ending June 30, 2008 in the Amount Not To Exceed $694,275, and Fiscal Year
Ending June 30, 2009 in the Amount Not To Exceed $728,989.

Oakland Airport development (includes master plan)

Police, Fire and Municipal Employee pension systems

Planning and Zoning – major development projects

Alameda County official website (includes link to proposed FY 2009-01 budget)

Alameda County Board of Supervisors

Alameda County Ordinances and Administrative Code

Alameda County Departments and Agencies

Alameda County Comprehensive Annual Report

Alameda County contracting opportunities database

Alameda County public works (includes development stage projects and various annual reports)

Casto Valley strategic plan and general plan

Alameda County Small Business Development Center

Alameda County Water District – water quality

Alameda County Dedicates the Largest Solar Electric System in the Nation. (2002)

East Bay Metropolitan Utility District

EBMUD financial information

EBMUD – water supply

Alameda County Employee Retirement System

*    *    *    *

Oakland Consolidated Plan submitted to HUD

Included are:

Official Plans
* Consolidated Plans
o Current Plans
o Citizen Participation Plan
o Fair Housing Plans
o Older Consolidated Plans (2000-2005)
* Housing Element
* AIDS Housing Plan
Policies & Strategies
Municipal Codes & Ordinances
Housing and Community Development Consolidated Plans

The City of Oakland is required to submit a 5-Year Consolidated Plan, as well as annual Action Plans and Performance Reports to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in order to receive funds from the Community Development Block Grant, HOME Investment Partnership, Emergency Shelter Grant, and Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS grants.

The 5-year plan includes information on housing needs, resources, and strategies.

The annual action plans include information on specific activities funded with CDBG and other federal funds, as well as housing activities carried out with other funds.


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  1. The Missing Money makes the FT… hooda thought?

    Discrepancies in America’s accounts hide a black hole

    By Daniel Gros

    Published: June 15 2006 03:00 | Last updated: June 15 2006 03:00

    The global financial system seems to have a black hole at its centre. Over the last two decades, US residents have sold a total of about $5,500bn worth of IOUs to foreigners, yet the officially recorded net investment position of the US has deteriorated only by a little more than half of this amount ($2,800bn). The US capital market seems to have acted like a black hole for investors from the rest of world in which $2,700bn vanished from sight – or at least from the official statistics.

    How can $2,700bn disappear?…

  2. Are You Disaster Ready?

    What do you expect in case of loss? Who cares? Who has disaster preparedness/recovery money for that?

    I don’t have all the answers, but I do have this one on disaster preparedness/recovery:

    A letter pertaining to disaster (hurricane, earthquake, tornado, flood, fire, etc.) has been sent to President Obama on behalf of all insurance policyholders. As a matter of transparency on the record of insurance consumer protection, any response by President Obama will be posted on the following Website for review:

    Qui potest et debet vetare, jubet: (Law Maxim)

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