1. @Catherine: Excellent reportage!!! I have three young adult female daughters who work, live and breath in California and according to my youngest the “lost” revenue is being made up by extra low grade ticketing; in SF she received a parking ticket while parked in front of her own driveway. If this video report is an example why we must take back the reins of government from the “experts” than you have explained the “Missing Money” article explicitly. The sadness is that the horse has already left the barn and backtracking the decades of steps it took to get us here will be a difficult proposition…The American psyche likes “New” beginnings with fresh ideas…I seem to sense that the options available within the parameters left to consider might appear to look like the dregs in the bottom of the barrel rather than a manageable “bright idea” solution…The clear glass ceiling that has always existed in American society may be more opaque by now….regardless, you always seem to post the most interesting and thought provoking media articles. Thanx, Richard

  2. Catherine, why no mention of Daniel Estulin’s excellent investigative journalism around Bilderberg/CFR? Or Cleon Skousen? Or Carroll Quigley (who was actually an insider)? These folks have told the story with hard facts about why this is happening. And yet there’s McCain, a CFR member, telling us on video we need to cut back govt spending. The guy’s just another professional liar. My guess is you would be out of business if you told the whole truth, though perhaps I am wrong.

  3. Catherine,
    I just want to say Thank You for all that you are and you are definitely a diamond in the rough. Just this story, alone, of course, to find it at your Solari’s probably the only place I would have ever found or learned of same and I live in California. This is like prime-time 100% detail video that ought to be aired on every news station around the Country because really, the dominoe-effect of failing from coast to coast, etc.
    At any rate, in this World, honest, giving and loving people like you are almost too good for it, but that’s why you’re so special.

    Take Care, God Bless,
    Keith Leisue, Van Nuys, CA

  4. Keith:



    Yes. Aljazeers publishes many people who can not get published here. I have done several interviews of Aljazeers. Avi Lewis’ show runs on Aljazeer.


  5. The Statement of Net Assets (page 28) from the latest Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) for the state of California, year ending Jun 30th, 2008, says that there are Total Current assets of approximately $55B, with Total assets listed at approximately $182B (these figures include Government & Business-type activities).


    The politicians never discuss the CAFR, they only discuss annual budgets and budget shortfalls. The CAFR is basically the state’s Balance sheet. So, if one takes into account assets left on California ‘s balance sheet is the situation really as dire as it is being made out to be?

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