Shock Doctrine California, Part I

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The Solari Report – 18 June 2009

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I was speaking with an energetic healer this week and mentioned that the shock doctrine is about to roll out in the United States, starting with California.  She said, “looks like we need Grizzly Bear magic,” referring to the grizzly bear in the California state flag.

On this week’s Solari Report, I will be reviewing what is happening in California and how citizens can take action to prepare themselves. The banks are now flush with cash and some of them are out from under government restrictions. A great deal of money has been amassed. Will they finance real estate developers on a shopping spree for state parks and facilities? Will a wider understanding of California’s situation put additional pressure on the Treasury bond market and the dollar globally?

In the meantime, best to be prepared for what several budget cycles of severe state and local budget cuts could mean – whether to local services, the economy, or the municipal bond markets. This month, Californians are most at risk. However, the U.S. state and local government budget crunch is a financial wave coming to your door. This wave will have a dramatic impact on most North Americans and could fundamentally alter the relationship of American states with the federal government. This wave will reach beyond North America, impacting the global economy in significant ways.

This week’s Solari Report will come to you from Tucson, Arizona where I will be speaking at the Institute of Noetic Sciences conference. I will cover other developments in our extended segment of Money and Markets, answer questions in Ask Catherine, and then address the California situation.

In our Let’s Go To the Movies segment, I will review Welcome to Mooseport, a comedy in which Gene Hackman, the retiring President of the United States, runs for Mayor in Mooseport, Maine and gets an education in the intimate issues of local governance and budgets.

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